30 Aug 2009

Other explosions followed Baghdad Wednesday.

يانار بردا وسلاما كوني.. على العراق البي اهلي وعيوني
An explosion happened in Al-Sha'ab market , where the poorest people do their work.. very simple sellers with carriages made of wood, and maybe a part of one of them has been destroyed in an accident and the owner doesnt have enough money to repair it!!!!!!

Babel governorate ...the city of Hilla witnessed another series of explosions , after Baghdad's disaster..
The 21 st of August.. about 79 martyrs, and 500 injuries. all are normal citizens, with no guilt the have committed..


Other pictures with a story about Baghdad's Wednesday explosions, when we lost more than 100 persons and so many wounded..

Midday, my cousin (from my mom's side) called me. A trembling voice led my heart to beat quickly. All what I used to hear with trembling voices is bad news. And all my thoughts danced lightly to find a suitable answer for the so many questions. What might be happening?
-hello..Sandybelle.. Sandybelle..
-hello!!!!!!! How are you G, my eyes! (an attempt to sound normal like if everything should be ok.. and my eyes, Iraqi cute way in talking, like my dear in English ; however, my dear means Azizti in Iraqi)
- Wht do you think? Am I ok? Shams. R, R is in hospital.. my sister is in hospital..
-what???????? Why??????????
- have not you switched on the television? Shams.. explosion, expolsion..
- what? No, I have not watched the TV yet.but..
(she interrupted me)
-Shams, I have to go..

With trembling hands, I switched on the TV, and saw the reporter speaking about a series of explosions.
My sisters hurried towards me, with water, it seemed like everything came to be so dark.. so dark..

At 10:47 I called my aunt to ask about R. She said
" R was with her colleages in the ground floor, talking about Ramadan, shopping and how hard work might be. They were laughing at each other while preparing for a work journey.. –of course, they were unable to see what would happen, unable to understand how painfully their little dreams would be ruined, ruined with damned pieces of metal!! –
R was surrounded by her friends .. a nice work team!



Fate was that her colleages would be like human armors. She fell down..

Later, police cars, ambulances, fire engines, arrived.. Rescures entered the destroyed building.. they began to inspect, seeking for survivors.l they found R.
Immediately, they came and carried her asking her not look around. She couldn’t obey, and looked..
Brains, legs, arms, chests and scalps everywhere..
Burnt people, and pieces of glass..

She fell uncounsious, and later, found herself in the hospital..

I called my other aunt (my dad's sister) to know if they got something bad or not. My aunt lives in 14th ramadan street, and said that their house kept shaking. the windows and the doors, although it is not that near to the main explosions areas.
her daughter (who is a doctor works in madeenat al-tib 'city of medicine') in Baghdad told me that doctors teams were so confused because of the many dangerous cases. She said that the blood was everywhere in the hospital and that women's cries were heard all the times, wounded men's wail was so touching..it was a really very bad day.
Not only the people who worked in the ministries were hurt , but also people whose houses and flats are near and so near to the ministries. Most of them are very poor and hardly can get wages to keep their lives.. lives with such a great selfsteem..
Poor ones are the hospitals of Iraq. They cant offer the good care to the vitctims, and they always witness catastrophes, always..
For a long time, war inspirations captured our caution, and for a long time the tear didn’t leave our cheeks.. is it because of its insistance? Or because of the smile's fear to remain for too long???!

updating : last night, my cousin R's sister, called me, she told me that their family and many of R's friends' families have donated money for the poor families. it leads me eyes to wet when I hear such news.. but, on the other hand, one of R's best friends had to amputate her legs, when she has done, her fiance soon called her telling her that he is not able to continue life with her for any longer :-( :-( :-(


Ali said...

fire must be liike snow and peace for your home, Iraq. its very nice term Sandy. the story you told and the pictures you published are so sad. I hope it will come to an end soon.

Wisam said...


look what we have here, an excellent reporter! keep going!

I am sorry because of all these horrible events

Johny said...

OMG! horrible pictures! poor people.its very miserable. I hope your cousin is well now and her friend feels better after her big loss. OMG