4 Dec 2008

Another Day..

Day after day, year after a year. Many Muslims take the way to the blessed place, Mecca, where the prophet Abraham (may peace be upon him) took his way once ,with his son and wife, there, many stories had happened, and everyone had a moral, but the all came to bring peace and great laws to organize the nature and the life style, to teach and lead us.

The time when Muslims go is so blessed and you can see all the eyes crying with great reverence.

Muslims end their special worshipping deeds with great happiness by slaying animals ( like rams) and give the meat peaces to paupers, and give many other alms.
This happiness can be seen in four main days of Eid, which is called Adha Eid.
And it's my great pleasure to congratulate all my friends for this wonderful occasion, asking God to help us to do everything may establish peace, faith and purity.
ايامكم سعيده و كل عام اونتو بالف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف الف خير, بعد الف؟ ههه, يلله, كووووول الاف الدنيه... و اتمنالكم تحقيق الاماني والصحه والسلامه و الامان والاستقرار والعافيه وكول الخير والبركه
وكلشي حلو

Eid = happiness, but who can be happy when he sees his people dying ??

Two days ago, while I was sitting beside my sisters exchanging talking about a hard day, a big explosion occurred, my little sister began to shout " another quake , another quake.. it's a quake..", my other sister made her calm down by saying silly jokes.

Suddenly, we heard crying in the street, our neighbor's daughter just came from the school, she was screaming, saying " she died, my teacher.. explosion.. flesh.. glass… damaged.. blood… " , with these words, I began to cry;however, I didn't know what had happened.

After a while, my dad's friend came and said " a woman in thirties with a bomb came to that place and exploded herself" , I was greatly shocked, 'a woman'???!!!!!!!!
I could realize why the national guards didn't distinguish her, as you know, here,our society is concervative and men are not allowed to inspect women, as well, no one would think of a woman.

'Loss' is the result, many people died, the baker, the seller , greengrocer, children and teachers, it was a primary school..

I am wondering, what's next? Once , a market, once a hospital, famous street and now a primary school, and.. and.. and what?!!

The situation is miserable, today, my mom went to the market ( after a duration of sickness and obstinacy to see a doctor) and while she was carrying the bag, a man came and killed another one in a restaurant and ran away, it all happened before her eyes, and many others', it was horrible.. Soon, the police came and surrounded the place, and she needed 4 hours to get out of the crowd .. and I needed three hours to leave the road jam!! While the school should only be 15 hours as maximum.
Mama began to cry and tremble, it was a weapon and killing.. and why???!!! No one knows.

People began to run crazily, and in a minute the street turned empty of cars and pedestrians..
And the killer, went, but where?? And how could he do it?? Doesn’t he feel remorse ?
Doesn't he have a heart?

Many accidents like this one took place in Iraq.
And what is next?!!

School is fine, so much homework and many exams, we got a holiday for all the next week. I have so much to do, this is why I've been absent lately.

We have to study well, and live the days one by one, too much thinking of anything -except the study- is not by our side, we have to focus on our work , and nothing else. It is the last year, so, to be or not to be, even though all the helpful factors are not offered, the electricity is miserable, and it is so cold ( to be honest,I love the clod weather, so , I shouldn't talk anymore, ;D haha)….

On the 11th of January , our mid year exams will start, it is an early date, because of the next elections, girls with me are going to vote!! Haha, not everyone is fond of politics, but to talk about me , I can't, I'm still 16!! I will get the chance the next time. The wonderful view of the last elections and how people were happy is still alive in my mind, we felt of our ability to choose.. everything was written , and our choice was only to 'remove the covering'; however, we believe that we can make the bright future.

I was sad for a while, I needed to be alone and leave all my friends, I didn't know what to do, it was an unbelievable strain, I really didn't feel ok at all.

At last I called violet, I was happy for that, she kept encouraging me and telling me about her job and college ( surely after I spoke for a long time! Haha), she seems to do great, I'm happy for her, and I'll do my best to do like her and achieve my dream. At least, I have the dream to work for.
Thank You Violet!!

My friend from the US has told me that they are preparing for Christmas, and put the tree, I really do love the tree, and wish all the world a great Christmas , praying that all our days will be full of joy.

Maybe, we will live the true wonderful spirit of Eid and Christmas one day, we really do our best to live the spirit indeed, challenging the current events, that if the Eid wants to leave us, we will catch it and no one can prevent us from being happy and live our lives..

Yesterday night, I was listening to the music of my music box, it is nice and it reminded me of the greatest person in my life (one of my ancestors), I hope this person knows how much I miss him

All my dear friends, thanks for keeping in touch, don't worry, I was busy with school, I'm sure that all your prayers have reached the sky, this is why I could see the moon clearly :D :D


ali said...

very wonderful post. you are so lucky to have the ability to write like that way. thanks sandy for keeping us in your mind, we all pray for you, the strongest girl ever, and the special moony girl i ever knew.

Miss Violet said...

Sandybelle, what a nice post!!!! I was really moved my dear friend, I was crying actually... I hope this Eid will be so great and all the Muslims will pass it peacefully and with pleasure.. and I hope that it'll be a happy Christmas for everybody:):) in the world , there is no need to thank me for encouraging you , it's my job sweetie :):) and every time you need me I promise I'll be there for you... I'm very happy that your mother is healthy again... واريد اقول اتخسى المرض اذا كان يجي على ام صديقتي ساندي بيل... الحمد لله على السلامة
Take Care.. and remember there is a friend of you called Violet is beside you forever :):)

BOOKISH said...

Hello Sandybelle,

Your blog is really extraordinary. I am very appreciative of the role you have been playing to connect people to a piece of what normal life is like in Mosul and Iraq.

Violet is so encouraging and soooooo nice girl. :)

Wish your dreams would come true. I will pray for you too. ;)


BOOKISH said...

وكل عام وانت بالف الف الف الف خير.

:D :D

touta said...

Please Stay safe in Mosul, and Eid saeed!!
Good luck on your exams, and lots and lots of love, touta

ali said...

بالمناسبه ساندي, من هسه يبدي العيد عندج؟ ههههههههه
وانت بألف خير يا أنسة العراق
and you have a great life and happy days, Iraq miss number 1 :) :) :)

Alfred said...

Such a great blog you own mademoiselle. comment allez vous?
i have a muslim friend, he is in Mecca now, before he went, he came to see us all and say good bye and asked us if he did anything wrong that he could say sorry for. it was like he was going to leave earth.
nice post and nice blog, be safe miss, I am Alfred from Europe.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Sandybelle,
thank god to see you here, it has been a long time. i know you are so busy, but please, keep writing from time to time. please.
happy Eid to you..
be safe Sandybelle. and stay as how we know you, faithful and lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your mom. take care of her sweetie