11 Dec 2008

Days of Eid

My father travelled to Baghdad, he stayed there for about two days, to do some work and to see his mother, he has not been in Baghdad for 3 years!

Dad spent a nice time there, he returned with so high spirits, and great feeling that Baghdad is going to be like before ( safe and beautiful) and more wonderful.
Dad said the way to Baghdad was full of soldiers and national guards, about 420 km with 76 checkpoints, and tanks separated between each two checkpoints.

It lasted about six hours to arrive, it was great indeed, last time I traveled , I spent 8 hours! It was unbearable, now, it is thanfgully so much better.

In Baghdad, national guards were in everywhere, but the good thing is only Iraqi soldiers, dad said that there had been no American tank in the street, he had only seen them on the trunk road to Baghdad. " you can say, there is a government'' dad said.

He also told us that the checkpoints barricades were covered with flowers, it was so nice of the guards, good gentlemen! Hahaha, and they are so admirable, their main emblem is " you admire, you are admired"

Dad visited different places of Al-rusafa and Al- karkh, al-mansoor, philisteen street, al-Sha'ab, Al- A'damiyya, Al-kadhmyya, Baghdad il-jideeda and Alh- ghazalyya.

-We have many families to visit in Baghdad, it is maybe good or bad, good that baghdad is the most wonderful city for me ,so it hugs my most wonderful people.. and bad because each time we go, we spend few days and they become over of visitng others.- ما افتهم كلشي والله من الروحه هههههههههه

But of course, we hope to live safely without checkpoints, this needs some time, we were patient, and we have to stay strong , because we were all heroes and heroines in the battle against terrorism .
In Babel, a city to the south of Baghdad, they have recently opened a new tourist collection of buildings, two main parts of it have been completed, the amusement city and the hotel, the thing that should be mentioned here for the record.
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*
Eid days were nice to a great extent, even though I didn't have the fun that I should have , nor enjoyed my time as I must, but I’m happy for people, the wonderful people in my country.
I can't stop my tears when I see the children holding toys , klecha, and Edyya, spending happy times with gorgeous spirits, wearing so beautiful clothes and trying to show their pleasure in different ways, different strange wonderful ways that no one can try nor realize the idea behind except the white hearts.
Baghdad, Al- Zawra' park, about 50000 families ( about 250000 men) came to say " we live Eid, we deserve the happiness, and nobody can prevent us" .

From all the places, and all the sects. Even the Christians, Saba' and Ayzids came to share their sisters and brothers' pleasant moments.

Saba' , I highly admire those people , who mainly inhabit the south of Iraq, they even don't celebrate their special occasions when Muslims commemorate sad events like the tenth of Muharram. These are the true Iraqis.
As usual, before Eid I went to the market with mama, what saddened me is that the clothes were not like how I expected or intended to buy. I kept wandering from a shop to shop, nothing pleased me, mom kept trying to convince me that this is the market goods and it's the current present, i should buy, " why i sould buy things im not going to wear?!!!" i say.. Until I found my luck with nice dress and black jacket.
I asked a vendor about the matter, " they are not like the clothes that can be found in the other countries, like Jordan, Syria or Lebanon, why?" I asked. I had no idea about what he might answer, because at least I didn’t mention the mark 'Channel' ,lol.
" hmmmm, those are clothes of the second class or the third, or maybe the fourth" , I gazed at him, what if I mentioned Channel??!!!

It is so sad to hear this. What do you think of the second class?

In the market, I did a good thing that deserved a reproach from my mom!! Ok ,my mom didn't know if she had to reproach me or thank me.

While we were walking, I caught the sight of a little girl walking in the middle of the street, her mom was busy with a greengrocer, suddenly, I heard a loud horn of a far car, when I turned my head I saw it was straight towards the girl!!!
"hey wait!! Look!!" I shouted, and soon ran to the girl and pushed her to the pavement.
I thank God many times to give me the mind to do it, wowww!! The driver was fast enough to destroy all the vegetables and fruits carriages that were there..

The first day of Eid was another day of calls, hahahahaha, I keep laughing when I check my mobile number after number, name after name to call all the dears, I thank God to save our dears fine and bless the martyrs' souls, we remembered the great memories of being together with people left us early to the other world, and with a big smile on my face I finished that job.

In the first day of Eid, at 1:10 am I received a text message from a great person in my life , congratulating me and saying nice wishes.
Talking about text messages reminding me of those who created mobiles, I sincerely thank them, mobile simplifies many difficulties, and makes the distance as nothing among the friends. Miss Violet was the first one congratulated me of Eid!! It was a nice text from her, Oh miss!! I love you :D :D
Next week, we'll be back to school, another short quick duration before mid-year exams. I had some rest in Eid, but I can't say I didn't leave books, no, I kept studying.لازم نزاغل شويه, هههههههه

6 months is the rest of the time we have to finish this part of life, and to breathe freely again, may God achieve all our dreams and lead our ways.

May God bless our Iraq and give us the faith to work more, May God give us the gift to live our days happily , all together.

May God protect and bless you.



Anand said...

Glad you enjoyed EID with your family. How is Grandma in Baghdad?

Touta said...

i forgot to send email sorry. :D
hope you do excellent in your exams and school
lots of love from baghdad,

Mike said...

Good days, i wish you happier..

Steve said...

I hope your day swill be full of happiness. be safe

Anonymous said...

your stories are wonderful. take care :)