30 Oct 2008

We need to be stronger

Why did that happen? or why I faced it? Is it a question? a story? or a misery? none knows, even me. Only little hand is writing, what my heart says and my mind shows...
I don't know where I should start from, many things, many feelings and many dreams were created..

Every morning I take my way to the school, there are many checkpoints (we spend about one hour or a little less, while we should spend only 15 minutes), and the national guards as I mentioned in my late post, are from Baghdad ,the south, Dyala governorate and Ramadi, and they came here to spread the safety that we missed for a long time.

They came here and showed all the great respect and admiration to people, and many as I hear, like them.

They inspected our house,

" oh , how is the flower? good morning, I'm sorry to awake you, oh my God!! please forgive me!!" a soldier said when he inspected our house and saw my little sister asleep. They are very polite, and I really love them so much.

They have a military centre near our house. One evening, while I was studying, a heavy shelling happened, and then, it was followed by unbearable shooting, it was a battle ( this what I though first).

The next morning I saw the guards again, I exchange smiles with them every day I see them , but that morning, it was different, they were sad and were listening to sad songs with their I-pods. It hurt me and captured my thinking, I was hopeless, helpless and aimless in one minute!

They lost many soldiers, it was an attack against them. They prepared for another inspection.. one of them told an old ma'am lives in our neighborhood,
" Why do you harm us? while we are here to protect you and give you support, why do you fight us? I lost many of my friends.."

" It is not us, it is the terrorists" she answered. " we all love and admire you, we are all normal citizens " she added.

The truth, the painful truth is that people here fear the terrorists to a geat extent, in addition to that, they don't trust each other, so, they don't tell the responsible directions about any strange things that might happen in the neighborhood, i give them all the riights, but this should be changed.. For me, this is bad, and so sad. We really need to trust each other more, we need to stand by each other, we need to have faith in our lives and the truth that we should seek.

We really need to be united, we need to be stronger. People should believe that horror and terror will never last for good, peace will be brought soon, but we really have to make "soon" as soon as we need and have to..

Frankly, they could pass over that duration. They are strong, and they didn't lose their great manners, they remained the peaceful and the wonderful men I first knew. They realized more that their duty is not easy, and it contains giving sacrifices, may God bless them!!
many christians i know came back, but with scare, I always pray for them to be able to stand again, they are Iraqis, and there is no other land larger may contain them except Iraq.
the thing I can mention is that the situation is not fine at all.

School is going well, the next week will be full of exams, so much homework too, it is the last year in this school , the thing that is too good.

I moved to another class, and started a new study strategy, I'm so happy with the new girls, they are all funny and nice. I sincerely thank them.

I meet Maf everyday, the greates thing for me, I happily explained the lessons she missed , and gave her a copy of all the good booklets I own, they may help her with her study, she was sad becuase I left the class, and she gave me a piece of chocolate :) it was nice of her :) I love her too much.

Yesterday , my cousin called me, she had a party for her engagement, her fiance is a gentleman, she loves him very much, and she said she will let the wedding party be when I finish my final exams, so I can attend!! haha, she says I make it less dull for everyone there.. Oh, I miss my relatives and I really miss Baghdad..

Winter came, I was sick of flu (maybe bird flu, lol) for the last few days when the sun was hidden by clouds, it rained while I was in bed, and it might purify the air, and bring the new:D :D

Until I have the chance to be here again, I say "take care"



iraqi-translator said...

May God bless all of us...everything will be ok...may be not today or day after...may be takes 10 years...but will be ok...don't forget we as Iraqis live our life for the others (children..wife..father..mother..), let us pray that the life for next generation will be better than our life...hopefully "Insh3a Allah"..
I'm looking forward to that last day of exam...after that day, you will be like new sun's ray...LOL

Anand said...

Thanks for taking care of Maf. And thanks for cheering up your cousin sister and her new fiancee! :-) You do brighten the world around you.

Violet said...

liked it!!!! It's a good post, It's so necessary that we all must unite to have the peace that we have a long time missed it
Sis , I'm sure you will make your dreams come true ( Insha'a Allah ) and you will be so happy with people whom you love at that time and I wish that from the middle of my heart. But I have a plea in that : please don't forget your friend and sister that called me. wherever you go and whenever just remember that you have a sister who you can depend on her.
I'm very proud of you sweetie; please keep helping Maf for the sake of God, and of course for the sake of your beautiful friendship.
It's so nice that you will be able to attend your cousin's wedding party .. God make her happy!
Accept my regards,
Your Friend and Sis: Violet.

Anand said...

Your cousin's fiancee is so lucky. He will get to marry your cousin, and he will get to have you as a sister in law. That is one lucky man!

Don't worry about the bad people attacking the Iraqi Army. The Iraqi Army will soon drive them into Syria (or Jordan, KSA, or where ever else they want to go.) Soon Iraq will have the best army in the Arab world, and will be able to defeat all of these bad people by themselves, with no one else's help.

This said, what is happening to the Christians is very sad. The Pope just pleaded with Iraq to protect Iraqi Christians. The Iraqi people, Iraqi Army and Iraqi police have to try harder to protect Iraqi Christians from terrorists.

Oh yes, I think you will enjoy college. Please consider American colleges like Harvard, and Stanford and UC Berkeley. Please consider Oxford and Cambridge from England. Don't automatically decide to go to an Iraqi university, as good as Iraqi universities are.

Are you sure you want to be a doctor, versus a scientist, engineer, computer programmer etc.?

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sandy,

Take extra care of your health dear and study hard for your exams we want you to be a doctor if you like to be :) because you are so smart.

God be with you