3 Oct 2008

Embarrassed Eidعيد بكل خجل

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Eid, the beautiful word. When I hear it every beautiful thing comes to my mind. The happy children in the gardens and amusement cities, the clecha, all my relatives and the eddyya that daddy gives me to buy chocolate with or to give them to the poor.
Eid… We return to our normal lives with the happiness of Eid. It's all after Ramadan, after the patience and the liberality, and after the lessons and the sermons we learn in the holy days.

This Ramadan was humbly happy, it brought the sight of pleasure we sought the years ago after the war. It was so much better. My relatives in Baghdad were able to go out and spend nice moments at late times at night.
The Iraqi artistic production was very good. I had the chance to watch very good TV series.
Al- Iraqi channel , it mainly presented a show called " love mayor" , the reporter goes to a district and meet people there, then ask them about the situation, and about a man they can elect to be "love mayor" for that place, they begin to give names and the manners, finally a man is chosen and in his house ,a big banquet in al-futur time , consisting of very delicious Iraqi food, this show reminds us of the great days of sharing that our ancestors had and urge people to create days like those and better. Wonderful generosity is shown.
" Seven sisters" show, is of meaningful comedy, it is from far places in the marshes, a story of seven sisters and their brother, they lose their mom and their brother should wait until they all get married (relying on the mother's will before her death), and by events, it is clearly shown how important is to treat the girl well, and how wonderful is the sister, how would you feel if you had seven sister?!! ;D.
" Fire years" is an excellent show of Al –Baghdadyya satellite channel, it takes the look upon the life of people of marshes, during the years 1990-2003 and later, it presents the war that happened between people of marshes and the government at that time, it produces secrets, and the actors and actresses were perfect, they could speak and in marsh language which can be the hardest even in Iraq. To be honest, I couldn’t understand so much of their talking, but It is a very important show indeed, events and realities really happened in far laces from here, and many people might forget those stories.
Awatif al- Salman, was a great star in this show, I admire their ability to continue the way in these hard times..
" girls house" a show of the present time, it gives a look about a kind of Iraqi families, daughter and their suffer with their father and brothers, it is a very good show too.
But surely I couldn’t watch all the episodes, but all in all , I could understand the aims.
Al-baghdadyya channel also produced a show names " question by lira" , the reporter ( who is a very good actor called Hafidh N'aybee) goes to all the Iraqi cities in the west, south, north and east and walk among people to ask them a question and who can find the answer is given a lira. It is an excellent show too.
Ramadan spread peace and made us live the tranquility that we need from time to time, to be close to God, worshipping and giving.
Then Eid came..

We travelled to Duhok to spend several days there, we visited the city centre, what caught my attention is the new buildings and streets, although I have visited Duhok this summer ( in July), but it appears with a difference, then we went to the zoo, a small calm garden, the dreams city and the market. We stayed at a motel called " chanar".
I saw animals in the zoo, and remembered the zoo of Baghdad, how great it was!! I remembered when I first saw the lion, how scared I turned!! But as usual, it is not perfect.
In the garden, there were swings, I sat on one of them, and mom gave me a good push, I kept laughing with tears, I want to stay a child, I want to go back to those days, when I was building the small house of cubes and trying to put my dreams into, when I was gathering flowers and give them to mommy, when I was spending the time playing with daddy, when I was sitting on my grandma lap listening to stories of the Iraqi heritage, when I was drawing a funny smiles and goats… how nice were those days!!!
The other day we took the way to Zakho, it is a beautiful village near the Turkey borders.
There I stood on the Abbasi bridge for the first time, and there we visited a Kurdish family of my mom's friends.
We went to their house. Firstly I felt a bit confused, but they were greatly welcoming people, the family consists of nine boys , two girls and the parents. They keep laughing at their number, and say they form a good team of football!! Hahaha
I entered the house, sat on the sofa, but I preferred sitting on the floor, just like the family members, they are so simple people, and their house is of eastern design, they have a fountain in the middle..
Then, we came to know all the members, let me tell you a secret, I really felt tired of saying hi and smiling!! hahahaha, but I felt so happy. They have many children, the all were noisy, and considering me as a new member of the family ;D I had to take care of them while the parents were talking and the others were busy with work, I sat in the middle of them, they were six children and four babies, the problem I had was that they didn’t speak Arabic and I didn’t speak Kurdish!! I spoke in English!hahaha, I didn’t know what to do, I soon went to the mother carrying three babies who were playing by my hair and trying to put my fingers inside their mouths, yaw!! I don’t know what they thought my fingers to be, milk!! mmmm , I told her I love children and babies but I can't get in touch with those, she kept laughing, and asked me to do anything else I like. Surely, I chose joining the other girls, two of the family and the third was their sister in-law, they were cooking, and only one of them whose name was Safa could speak Arabic!! Whenever someone wanted to tell me something, she asked Safa to translate!! Hahaha, they made a special Kurdish food, it was like big balls made of rice and meat, and I don’t know what else, the only thing I realize was that everything was delicious, but I helped them in making Salad and finger chips! Hahaha.
After the lunch, we all went to the mountains, a place called Sharanish.
On the way, I listened to Yanni symphonies and there were beautiful trees, and the sky was clear except of a place was white like cotton, I felt so glad , my spirit was like a plume. There was a waterfall, and a cave with frozen water!! It was so deep, and it was too dark, we needed a torch. Then, we parked the cars in a safe place and went to have a snack at the versant , they just did this to make me get rid of my fear of high places, I can't deny I did all my best, the good thing I didn’t feel dizzy, oh! Thank God!
Then , we took our day back to Duhok , then to Mosul the next day.

The first day of Eid was "calls day" for me, hahahaha. I have 53 cousins!! Many uncles and aunts, I had to talk to them all, I felt too tired of talking, everyone blamed me for being absent , I told them it was supposed I stay at home, but daddy just insisted on me to have a rest from study. I got it thankfully.I called my teachers too, English, physics and chemistry teachers. we exchanged the wishes..
I'm doing well with my study, and school will get start next week.

The sad thing is that two explosions happened in Baghdad today and one yesterday, they just don’t want people to have fun, they feel so sick and horribly afraid of seeing people happy, they are sick and they want us to be like them, hopeless and afraid, but no, we chose our way to be as clear as the sky which carry the wonderful sun.
Talking about Eid reminds me of something I really like to be away from , but it needs some.
In the Islamic almanac, as I mentioned in my other post, months beginnings are decided on the moon series, the completed series of the moon consists one month.
So , when it starts its series, it’s the first day. After Ramadan, Shawal starts ( the Muslim months are : Muharram, Safar, Rabee' al –awal, Rabee' al-thani, Rajab, sha'ban, Ramadan, Shawal , Dhulku'da and Dhulhijja and these months are of 29 days or 30), and the prophet – may god's blessings and peace be upon him – taught the Muslims that whenever people be able to see the moon clearly by eye in the sky they may decide the month's beginning and if they are not be able to see it they should continue the month to the 30th day, and this what had to be done in Iraq, it is not true that people start Eid on Tuesday ( following KSA) and people on Wednesday
( following Iran) and others on Thursday!!!!!
Please!!!! Don’t make us lose the happiness and light of being unity and forgetting our differences.
My thought is that an association should be made of scholars from shia and sunna, and those scholars should keep seeing the month every time and tell us the true start. We don’t have to follow any other country, we are Iraqis and we taught the others the true lives, and the others learnt from us how to write and how to ride the wheel and make use of it, how can we be different now???!!!!!!!!!
No, this shouldn’t happen, and it isn’t happening today, people are so sick of this, and everyone's idea is like mine, we have our faith and great religions and minds ,no one should teach us, we got the experience from ourselves, so no mistakes should be done anymore, please!!!!
I decided to celebrate Eid for six days this time ;D :D
May God bless your days and keep you safe, and may all your dreams come true, may peace fill our lives and may pleasure move away our sad tears..

And the sun can't be seen except in the clear sky, let's make our sky fully clear, and if there were clouds hard to be moved away, let's make use of them as the simple boats the carry us to the safe bank, and we can do that, we really can do it, do it when no one expect..

Just like the sun,
للعيد حكاياته , حماماته و هلاله, ما يحززني هو ترديد كثير من ابناء بلدي
باي حال عدت انت يا عيد ؟ ابما مضى؟ ام لامر فيك تجديد؟
عسى ايامنا ان تكون كلها افراح و نعلك صواني شموع, دمتم سالمين....I

This post was written last night


C.H. said...

Congragulations on an excellent Eid and a wonderful trip to Dahuk, Sandy! You are very lucky to experience to beauty of Kurdistan...and twice in just a few months, haha. Maybe you'll learn Kurdish someday, you are very smart so it should be easy for you :) Hopefully I'll be making some good progress in Arabic then, too!

Don't worry about the terrorists who are determed to ruin the Eid celebrations...they tried it in Pakistan, Algeria, and Syria as well, and they have failed. Muslims around the world were able to conclude Ramadan peacefully and have a great Eid celebration, as you did. All the attack do is show the Iraqi people that the terrorists are the greatest enemies of Islam and Iraq.

Stay safe, Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Ayyamich Sa3eeda Sandy.
May god save you always and keep going my dear little sister.. ali

Sandybelle said...

Sami ( iraqi translator) Said
"Happy Eid Sandy...
interesting post ...and many suggestions...like that association of Shia and Sunna scholars you mentioned...
But the only thing took my attention is that arabic- kurdish translator, special regards to him, I have to learn Kurdish,right now it's one of our country's languages.
By the way,I agree with them 100% and like to say

عيدٌ بأيةِ حالٍ عُدتَ يا عيدُ
أبما مضى أم لأمرٍ فيكَ تجديدُ

but I think I have excuse to say that! what do you think!
Be safe"

Sandybelle said...

Nawfal ( nofl14.blogspot.com) Said
" عيدكم مبارك"

Sandybelle said...

Dear Sami,
Thanks for the nice cooment,and i beg your pardon, your comment has been mistakenly rejected, make fun of me :) LOL
you have your reasons to say that, but dont you forget, you are still young, and the green spirit is still in your heart, dont let despair find the way to your inside, you are strong and brave, I'm praying for you.
you too, be safe and thank you so much for teaching me new words, i needed them thanks so much.

Dear nofl,
I'm sorry too, your comment has been mistakenly rejected, hahahaha.
thanks for your nice visit and عيدك مبارك
hope to see you again :) :)

hello brother, thanks so much and may God save you too :) :)

Sandybelle said...

Hello friend, thanks for your nice words, you always support me, you and my other many friends , thank you :)
you will have the chanc eot visit iraq soon, when the situation be perfect, iraqi is a paradise in my thought :) ;)
and thank you so much for helping me to add the image to this post, my internet line was horrible. thans so much..

Anonymous said...


Nice long post. :)
and nice name "Sandybelle"
You know what, I have a nice niece. She also has been calling herself Sandybell. But she is only 4 and she wrongly pronounce the name. She says "I am Sandy-mail" :)

There are too few arabs who can speak kurdish. It's not that hard. I had a kurdish friend. He was very close and taught me some kurdish words... now I hardly can memorize them.
مين شبيركر=نسيت

As for "qustion by lira"
The idea of the show is so nice but from my point of view, the reporter showed no respect and made fun at poor and simple people. I saw two or three fully episodes and really got very angry.

Sorry for the long comment but I just liked the post.


Michomeme said...

Happy Eid Sandy, and happy school return, how is your school? I realy miss those days.

I saw seven sisters show on TV, I liked they way the brother treats his sisters..

nothing important more than sisters..



what a great post Sandi and I read some of Violets to you are both so passionate for your country and it makes me proud to have gone there and helped as much as I could. I always thought parts of Iraq were so beautiful and I would see the hard working loving people rebuilding there markets and neighborhoods then the wahabbis would come through and ruin all their hard work and I would always wonder why. I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better. Keep writing you do it so well you have a natural gift for it.

Anonymous said...

hi Soleil, where are you? we missed you? iyts almost a week?
ali from iraq

نوفل said...

لا أن شاء الله عيد الأضحى يكون عيد حقيقي مثل أعياد أيام زمان
ويعود بكل خير وعافية
وأحنه نبقه نتأمل وأملنه بالله