21 Sep 2008

A flower

One day, as I was walking,
I saw a beautiful flower,
Something so unique,
Making its beauty have such power,

It was like nothing as I had seen before,
Even in a fairy tale.
It stood out to me so much,
Even with its colours so pale.

On any other day,
I might have walked right by,
Never even given it a second look,
But that day it caught my eye.

It reminded me of something else,
Important in my life.
A friendship that was fading,
And the gap left in my life.

As I was gazing at the flower,
A thought came to my mind.
What if that flower dies?
What if a better friendship I'll never find?

So , i dug it up,
And took it with me,
planted it in my garden,
And waited for it to seed.

I planted those seeds,
Everywhere I could,
But none of them grew as well,
So still only that one stood.
It made me realize something,
Nothing I planted would be better,
Like the friendship I had,
Nobody could ever replace her.

And maybe that's what,
That flower was for,
Put her to remind me,
That there would only ever be one of her.
And every day I see that flower,
Reminding me what to do.
To put things back on track again,
Bringing back that friendship which was true...
by anonymous
May God bless all the true friends..


iraqi-translator said...

Amen Sandy, may Allah bless all true friends

C.H. said...

Friends are what make this world great, Sandy. That is a beautiful poem! Friendship is the most important thing of all :):):)

Violet said...

God bless you sandybelle for this beautiful poem.. and may God keep all your true friends safe..


Michomeme said...

hi Sandy
nice words, friends are just like a rose in the garden of heart.