13 Sep 2008

Great days of ramadan

"To be closer to Allah" , this is the main aim for the Muslims to do in this blessed month. To be closer by all the means. helping others, praying, spreading mercy and justice, and fasting.

Fasting the is most special feature of Ramadan. I love the time when mom awakes us all for the early breakfast at dawn (at 4:00 am) which we call "Al-suhur", everyone takes his/her place around the table, with listening to papa while he reads Al-Koran with his wonderful voice.

We spend almost 14 hours without food nor water. The weather is hot which leads our insistence of obedience to grow. Just to feel how the poor feel, just to be patient and able to learn to BE even in the hardest times.

In the evening, while the sun sets- at hearing the caller to prayers announcing the suitable time to start eating- we all gather around the same great table, having dinner which we call" Al- futur".

The great spirit of this month is with the moon, because Ramadan is –just like the other Muslim months which are twelve- gets start when the moon comes to be born , and ends when the moon dies in the end of its series, and this lasts for 29 or 30 days.
The moon gives me a great feeling in the night, hope that the sun is going to shine the next morning.

Ramadan means so much for the Muslims, in this month there is a special night called " laylat al- qadr" in this night the prophet Mohammad met the angel Gabriel for the first time who gave him the first words of the holy Koran as a message from God.
Most Muslims do their best to stay awake all the night worshipping. Praying, reading Koran or even studying(as the great Islam asks people to get knowledge).Any good thing will bring the great benefit.
We have our faith which leads us to continue the way, and to make all our days just like Ramadan's ones, full of mercy , peace and justice.

On Sunday , I was so sick, I just got it when I was at school, the teacher noticed that too and put his hand on my front, I was sooooooo hot, "Oh my God!! Soleil! You are hot!!, ok, let me see, .." the teacher said.
It was fever!!! I got vertigo after a while and vomit. It was too bad. But the girls in my physics class are so wonderful, they kept taking care of me and comforting me.
They kept saying " oh, so we just realize now why you are sick, it is because the sky is cloudy, or it is cloudy because you are sick. Ok , soleil and the sun are both sick, so, how we could live without?" ..

When I got home , I headed to bed and slept for 4 hours, during them I got 26 text messages asking about me, hahaha , I felt so happy, it is so great to realize that many people like you, right?. My mom felt worried, but I kept comforting her that I'm ok, I will get better soon. But I didn’t feel that fine indeed,. I just didn’t want her to worry about me.

In the night, I received a calling from my teacher of physics to see how I'm doing, I thanked him so much. He is a so kind man , and he admires me highly indeed.
For two days, I was stuck in bed with the fever, but I went to school though, I had important lessons and couldn’t miss them.

Then, I noticed something strange in a place so near to my jaw, I told mom soon ( it is the first time I do, because I myself felt scared, I felt if I don’t tell my mom I will be worse, and I don’t want this, because I have my important study to catch up with ), she took me to the doctor.

The doctor was a very good person, a true doctor, and kept making fun with me. daddy liked him too much. And he diagnosed my case so well and gave me needles which I hate so much!!!
When we went to the doctor, we passed through the fish market, where daddy bought fish (which he adores!!).
In the night , a car bomb exploded in the street away from home, but on my way to school today,i saw that many houses got damages, but no victims among citizens.
The situation in Ramadan is special. The daily curfew only lasts for 4 hours. From midnight to 4:00 am.
The families are able to go out in the night doing their favorite visits. I hope everything will improve more and more..

What pleased me the most is I saw a wonderful show on al-baghdadia channel , which is a very good one. This show showed many Iraqis gathered on a bridge in Baghdad called " Al- A'imma bridge " in Iraqi " Jisr al – a'imma" , and it is the bridge which joins Al- kadhimyya with al- a'dhamiyya in Baghdad. And it is the same bridge where we lost about 1200 Iraqis a few years ago :-( . And they were from different sects. The reporter asked " is there any sunni among you?" and they all with one voice answered" NO!!!!" , then he asked " Is there any shi'i among you? " the same answer came again "NO!!!!"
" So who are you?" the reporter asked.

" Iraqiiiiiiiis!!!!!!" and laughs began to be drawn on their great faces. They all were hand in hand , with great love, peace, cooperation, mercy and brotherhood among them.

This evening I watched another show of al-iraqiyya channel, it is called " baqlawa" which is a name of a very special Iraqi dessert, and they were dealing the dessert among people ,praising the good situation in Baghdad today, that everyone is able to go out until late time and this was not possible in the last few years. Everyone is happy.

It is a great simple for the true Iraqis, united together, peaceful and merciful.
I was extremely happy. I really wished to get a very big plume to fly by and go all around Iraq to greet every great Iraqi loves his people and his country, every great Iraqi loves his message to be spreading the kindness and pity.

My uncle called me to blame me!! But when he found out I am sick, he soon changed his voice tone, hahaha. He blamed me for missing the gathering in Syria with my other relatives who came from Europe .

Ok, It was supposed that we go, but I could never miss my lessons, no ,no ,It was impossible to do. I explained the matter for him, he said that when I will graduate from high school, they all will come to Iraq in Eid or Christmas . I was so happy to hear this news, I cant wait until that time!! Haha. But anyways, I'm so happy that my mom and little sisters didn’t feel bored, because they couldn’t bear staying here , so they traveled to Lebanon and spent wonderful times there. Ok ,Ok ,just next year, many good things will happen, like traveling freely :D :D

I hope so..

And that is all for today, be safe my friends and have a great time and blessed Ramadan.


this post was written last night.


Violet said...

Hi sandybelle how r u doing? i hope that u will get well soon...
Ramadan is the month of kindness ,love, mercy and specially patience ..may Ramadan just help us to be patient and get over our problems..
I'm praying that God help u with ur lessons as he helped me last year and make u have beautiful results as ur face..
haven't i told u that the teacher of physics is a good man!!!haha
BTW ,i hope u will see ur relatives next summer..

C.H. said...


I am praying that you make a quick recovery from your sickness. Syria sounds great! I would love to visit Damascus one day...after I visit Iraq, of course :)

May all the Muslims of the world continue their blessed Ramadan in peace.

I hope the security situation continues to improve in Mosul. Stay safe, my friend.

Anonymous said...

nice to hear from you again.
stay safe and healthy.
deeri balich ala nafsech ya bnayya.
akhoch, ali

Dany said...

,ay God bless all your days..nice post.

Anonymous said...

so wonderful, take care little kid.

Steve said...

Ramadan seems so nice, I'm christian , i'll try to do what muslims do in ramadan, I'm gonna see, will i be patient?!!! lol.. thanks sandybelle, stay strong.