1 Sep 2008

Ahlan ramadhan!!

Hello My Dear Friends,
It is a short post, I just liked to congratulate you and say
" Ramadhan Kareem "
May Ramadhan bring all the happiness and great times for everyone.
May this Ramadhan bring us together, May all our days be blessed, and all our wishes come true.
Ramadan is the month of peace. We all pray for peace and justice.
Be safe my friends,


Violet said...

geHi sandybelle,
I pray that God will take ur and our praying in this blessed month and make our world live in peace..


Little Penguin said...

زين شلون آني أتونس بشهر رمضان اذا ما عندي لا زلابية و لا داطلي و لا حتى أبو السحور؟ و جمالة ما رح يعيدون حب و حرب عالشرقية.. اي أفتهم.. شلون أفطر بدون ما أتابع فوزي و لبنة و حمودي أبو البنظرون العالي؟؟

علي كلٍ.. أسعد الله أيامكم و ان شاء الله ينقضي بخير و سلام للعراقيين جميعاً .. و ان شاء الله تجيني فد عيدية مبحبحة لأن الوضع شوية صعب من ذيج الناحية

تحياتي ساندي بل

Anand said...

Ahlan Ramadhan all!!

C.H. said...

The Holidays are time to look to the future and realize what we need to do to make the world a better place...a time to forget about small differences and confront the obstacles that stand in the way of peace.

May people realize what's important--the love of God and our fellow human beings--and turn away from violence and fighting, which we have to hear about all too often not only in Iraq, but all across the world.

God Bless you Sandybelle

Anonymous said...

Ramadan kareem my dear Sandybelle. i hope next ramadan you will be going to enjoy the college you want, and you will be achieving my dreams you have. Ali

iraqi-translator said...

هلو ساندي، رمضان مبارك و بالخير و البركة، و إن شاء الله رمضان صحة و عافية على الجميع، رمضان العقل و الحكمة على كل العراقيين،!!، آمين يا رب العالمين.