29 Aug 2008

Hello Violet!!

Hello my friends,
It's my great pleasure to welcome another Iraqi blogger. Her nickname will be Violet.
Violet is a good and great friend of mine, I'm sure you will enjoy her posts.
I love to thank her for editing my blog Sandybelle images. She is going to join college soon and she got a VERY high results in the last exams.
Our blog family is turning bigger day after day. We are all here to share our thoughts and ideas, God gave us, so let's give each other too...


Violet said...

Thank u very much my dear for ur warm welcoming of me.i hope that i'll be in ur and the readers' goodness thought but my blog now is under construction.thank u again

Michomeme said...

hey sandy how are you? and how is your private lessons?
say hi to your friend violet, i'm waiting for her new post..

best wishes