6 May 2008

To be a friend

People around me are so important. It is so important to have people around you love you and care about you.
I went to school for the last day on Sunday, to meet my classmates and to spend the happiest time with them . I didn’t wear the uniform.
On the way to school, we kept listening to music in the car and repeating the songs. We were so happy. And on he way back home, we kept listening to music too and we visited different quarters in my city that I had never seen nor visited than before.
We were so happy.
I kept talking to my teachers, they were such wonderful conversations, I didn't feel that I talk to my teachers, I felt that they are my friends.
Arabic teacher kept talking me about her family ,and listened to many poems I had written, and liked them. This teacher actually likes me too much, and she has my cell phone number and texting me from time to time. and I feel embarrassed (I know, I know, I don't have to feel embarrassed).
And French teacher took my number too, and promised me to send me a special CD of French songs with my friend SG, she likes my singing and me too much.
Physics and chemistry teachers are wonderful too, they kept saying prayers for me and asking me not to forget them, I really felt soooo shy.
Religion teacher invited me to her wedding party ,with the friend R. and she kept talking about her fiancé , she loves him too much, and he too. I wish them all the happiness.
My teacher Sb ,of history and geography, kept talking to me too and praising my personality. She said that she expects me to become such an important leader in the bright future of Iraq. She says that if she has all the word's problems and thinks of me, she will forget her problems soon. She says that I'm like the sun, has wonderful rays that warm many hearts.
And many other teachers, I know or don’t know, because everybody in the school knows me. When I was walking with my friends R, on the way , I met many girls and they all asked my in a hurry about my health and congratulated me for my high marks and wished me luck. I kept smiling (and later I had mouth ache because of smiling for a long time, really!!!) and wishing them luck. And guess what?
R later said " you have many friends, and I envy you that you can learn all their names by heart!!"
" what? Their names? I really don't know them !!"
R opened her mouth, and said " what????????? You don’t know their names?
Oh girl , you are too famous, like any famous singer I see in the TV, when she/he smiles for all the people and talking to them as he/she knows them!! My god!!"
And my cheeks turned sharply red, I wanted to leave that place soon., I felt so shy that I don’t know their names. Really !!! they are too many and I can't learn all the names. Thank God I can remember my name!!!!
Among the all, I can see and choose the best friend, all the friends are wonderful and are great helpers ( just like you) , but the best friend remains the best friend.
I had a great friend, Ran, was a good girl that can understand me clearly and can enter my eyes to see what lies beyond the iris. And spent many happy times with her.
After her leaving, I felt so sad, and I was spending long hours standing in the same spot that we both met each other for the first time. I love her too much, and although she is away, but she will stay in my heart.
I believe that there is no lines in the life, and nothing impossible. I believe that God always gives his serfs what they need of mercy and caring.
One day I met someone. I didn’t think that he could fill the space that had been created in my life.
This friend is older than me, and he could destroy the chains , and could give all the people a lesson that age is not important in the friendship.
The first friend, older than me, and at first, actually I was afraid that he might ignore my email, the first email I sent to him. But he replied, and I replied, he replied, then I replied, then. .. then. ..
Until , we became very close friends (at least, i consider him the friend), for long months, I was always sending him emails and telling him about my latest news , my hopes, ambitions, and dreams.
And in talking about dreams and ambitions I could find him the greatest first supporter ,in talking about problems I could see him the drops that can take the mud away. in my happy moments he feels happy for me, and sad times he feels sad for me. He is the true friend that any one likes to have.
When I hear any news, he is the first one that knows, I talk about him proudly among my other friends and relatives. The friend helped me to improve my English and, he taught me many words, and so, my love towards the knowledge grows bigger day after day.
The friend taught me a lot , to admire all the others' opinions and to try to explain our thoughts with the nice way that make everybody agrees to listen. He taught me also that the far distance is not that important in the way of the true friendship.
I love to call the friend Ammu ( ammu = uncle), using the Iraqi simple way in talking with him makes me feel so comfortable, and makes me admire him more and more that although he left Iraq in the early years of his life, but he still has the great love towards his fatherland, he cares about Iraq and Iraqis.
Friend!!! I hope you'll have a daughter, and you will name her my name, and will tell her about me, your friend that doesn't forget you at all, that prays for you and asks God to bless your way wherever you go and whatever you do.
Friend!! when you will come to Iraq, I'll be there in the airport holding a flower, and I will call the flower," The flower of friendship", the real friendship that doesn't know the differences in age, color, distance and tongue.
صديقي, ناصحي المثابر, في سرائي و في ضرائي تؤازر, تفرح لانتصاري, تسعد عند نجاحي, شمعة الطريق!!
طول الدرب, اني دوما معك , يا صديق انا معك لن اخذلك , طول العمر اني دوما معك ! يا شريك الوفاء..
For the last few weeks, my friend was absent, I have not heard about him, I was sooooooooo sad and I thought he might forget me and me and our friendship!! Oh, no!!!!"
And I lost the desire of eating, I was so gloomy, but after I heard his voice I felt of my soleil, that it began to spread the rays again.
His fatherly voice that made my tears fall down. before i called him, i said God's name more than hundred times, so i could talk to him.
Ok, the best friend might be busy, and so, I have to ask about him, the friend always stays in mind.
Dear friends,
You are all dears, and I will never forget your kindness and you are all great helpers, I hope you will be having great friends like me, let your eyes see what lies beyond the sun.

To Be a friend..


atsuma the free man said...

its not a lucky game to have your friends close to you or have a new friends
that depends on you and your behavior and your knowledge and your goals,,,and you got them all

and you got a perfect goals in your life and im sure your friend will back
its just because he is busy and im sure of it
you are great friend to us in that age,,,who knows what you'll do when you grownup smarter??

take care kid

Iraqi Mojo said...

I am flattered ya Sandybelle:) Thank you. You are definitely my good friend. I always wish you the best and of course I feel sad when you are sad. I hope to meet you one day, in Iraq or elsewhere. Insha Allah one day you will also be able to travel to the US, for a scholarship or for work, because I have a feeling that you will grow up to be somebody very important, for Iraq and for the world.

C.H. said...

كيف حالك؟

I hope I said that right! Sandybelle, this post was very good. In fact, I even read it several times!

Friendship is such a wonderful thing to have, especially in difficult times. I must say that being friends with you has been a wonderful blessing.

Your friends are absolutely right to tell you that you will play a very important role in Iraq's future...I certainly think so. I hope that all of your dreams come true, and that Mosul becomes a beautiful and prosperous city.

As always, stay safe

Anand said...

Your many friends love you like a younger sister. And who wouldn’t love to have a younger sister like you.

You are a good friend to others . . . including Maf.

You are unique . . . you were created by Allah . . . all that is good and great lies as potential within you. Being yourself is the greatest gift you can give others . . . including your many friends.

I know that Mojo is honored and privileged to have a younger sister {in spirit} like you. You brighten the days of all you come across. All of us feel privileged and honored to know you. Even though you are younger than us; in your sweet and inimitable way you teach us so much (in so many levels), as an older sister would . . . without seeming like you are teaching us (which might set off our egos . . . your way of teaching is much better.)

Warm Regards dear Sister (older in wisdom and spirit, though younger in purity and simplicity)


Iraqi Mojo said...

Hi Sandybelle, happy Friday, hope you're enjoying it:)

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sandy,

Your English is getting better Sandy!!

Mojo: إبسط يا عم ;P

I am glad Sansy that Mojo helpped you out he is really a devoted person.

Sam said...

hello Sandy,
how u doin gurl? Sandybelle Terrn lol..god i miss that animated carton...
girl r u sure u only 16 years old?
u and Najma drives me insane u girls speak wondeful english and wornderful & amezing thoughts..i mean i believe there is gurls in iraq speaks english but i've never thought its like this much..its incredible!!
friendship is beautiful if u have true friends..but its sux if the friends dont appreciate it!!
god im damn speachless i dont knw wat to say!!just God bless u and keep goin girl..

Sandybelle said...

Thank you dear friends so much.
your words are like candles on my way.
Thank you again. and dear sam, thanks for your kind visit. and you are welcome everytime. hope to see you in my other posts.
:) :) :)

Byam said...

Please look at Wordsofpeace.org and Contactinfo.net. Also see Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan a bio. I live in Denver, Co. USA. You can e-mail me any time. I met the wife of the Iraqi ambassador here in Denver a few days ago. I am using the library computer,so it might take some time to get back to you. Peace is coming to the whole world. Be patient. The Peace Train is boarding. Everyone get on board! Byam. P.S. Peace is looking for you.

Anand said...

Nice comment Byam.

"The Peace Train is boarding. Everyone get on board!" I quite agree :-) :-) :-)