1 May 2008

My hope

Cherish for life, for hope and peace.
This academic year is over, and the words filled it with life, hope and peace.
We don't really know , why we should stand against, but we just know that there is something waiting for us, and we are here to do it.
My dear friend, C.H. asked me about my plans for the vacation. Mmmmm
As I said in my post (how is education in Iraq) that the sixth year (the next one for me) of the high school is the year of graduation and saying goodbye for the school and hello for the college.
So , next year will make me guess how I will be in the future, my career and life style.
As I told you, I love to be a doctor, and medicine college is on the top of the list of colleges in Iraq and it needs very high marks to join it, so , my vacation should include studying ( actually , I study and read everyday and every vacation, not text books, but books talk about different topics and this is why I face difficulties in my study rarely.
Usually, I spend my vacation with reading, writing, learning cooking, singing, acting, traveling, doing home affairs , doing experiments that I learn via encyclopedias ( it is so interesting), dreaming of visiting places no one thinks of nor hears about, trying to discover more and more ,and absolutely playing with the wonderful sisters , fighting the awesome brothers, hehehe.
This time, my vacation will be special, I should study the text books of the sixth class and make my thoughts , all my thoughts, over them. To accomplish one of the enormous dreams, it needs such strategy. as well , we are planning to visit Turkey.
I always look at the doctors with eyes full of hope and respect, and my determination increases day after day. I believe that with hard work and free mind , nothing will be impossible. And I may be like them someday.
There is an exam made in Baghdad by the ministry for the smart and intelligent students to pass the years of bacaloria during the vacation, and they can go to the college directly ( I did it once two years ago, and could pass the third class and I directly joined the fourth class), so , I'm planning to do it with some friends and I will do my best, and the only thing that I need in addition to my hard work ,is your prayers, dears!! Wish me luck!!

Situation is not that good, the prime minister announced that the new operation against the terrorists will get started during five or seven days. So, we expect curfews , and inspections.
Today I went to the doctor clinic ( he is very good man, and when I told him about my dreams he kept smiling and praying for me, he said " oh, dear, please go to the college rapidly and let us create our own clinic together!!! I'm sure that you will help me and get the better of me, hehehehe) , and on my way, there were many checkpoints and police cars, we were so afraid and I kept walking saying prayers, and American tanks suddenly stopped in the middle of the street and the soldiers began to shout, they were too angry, I really was soooooo afraid and I could hear them cursing. Later, we could take our home safely.
These days, I can spend happy moments with my sisters, some changing are taking place at our home, new furniture and paintings.

My hope is to become a doctor, and be free and can visit many Iraqi cities to see how the patients are, to support them and create the hope inside them. To visit all the Iraqi gardens and take share in planting roses and trees, in playing with the quarters children, soccer and handball, in seeing all the Iraqis smiling and saying that there is nothing impossible and nothing unreachable.
My hope,


C.H. said...


I think you will do very well in whatever path you decide to take. If you become a doctor, the Iraqi people will be proud to have you caring for them. Your kindness would make you very fit for such a job.

It is great that you know what you want in your future. Big dreams and goals are always a wonderful thing to have, especially when they come true. I have no doubt that yours will.

I completely agree with traveling and visiting places people hear little about--that is my dream, as you know.

Stay safe and keep up the good work :)

Michomeme said...

Hello little girl with big dreams..

what a nice post full of hops and good plans and dreams for the future, I realy liked what you said. Believe me Sandy you will remember these days with a big smile on your face when you will finish your school and get your self ready for the new life of univercity especialy if it will be the univercity that you want.

Nothing is possible, see me now, I passed the Bacaloria and finished my college, sure I didn't want to study in the french department because the english department was my dream, but, thanx God I liked the french language and passed the college successfully, and I found a good job which is related to my study..and now I speak three languachs, Arabic, English and French..I made one of my dreams come true..so believe me you can make every thing you want but you must work hard to achieve it, and always remember "NO PAIN NO GAIN"..

wish you all the best.

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sandybelle,

I didn't know that you had passed the 3obor exam, you must be so smart Sandy!!

Study hard and I will pray for you to pass this one and go to college, being young amongst older students than you is such a nice feeling..

If you ever get a chance to visit Turkey, enjoy your time up there because it is sooooo nice and a breathtaking place, especially Istanbul!

All best wishes for you


atsuma the free man said...

go for it kid

i know you can make your dreams com true

i can see successful through your dreams
knowledge will make the terrorists mad like hell

specially maktoobs psycho bloggers

take care kid