24 Apr 2008


Hello friends,
My dear friend anand asked me about my nick name, Sandybelle.
Sandybelle is a novel by Gez Lafisher, and the novel talks about a young girl who lost her father when she was a baby in some drowning and her mom was missed so. This baby was saved by two men, they were dear friends. One of them was called Christie and the other Lonwood, Mr. Chrisitie took Sandybelle as a daughter and she grew up between his hands, he gave her the kindness and warmness that made her be good girl ( so good girl) , lovely, smart and cute. She lived in Scotland and everyone there loved her for her great manners. There were some guys feeling jealous of her, but she returned that with nice help and cooperation. She later met Mark ( her flowers garden prince) whose family was very rich, and they both shared help and support.
Katy is another girl feels jealous of her and always tries to make her fall in troubles, but who cares?!! Sandybelle remains the lovely girl.
The story contains many events, Mark left Scotland to unknown place and worked too hard to accomplish his dream of being a famous artist, Sandybelle with her great heart and mind and with hard wok could achieve her dream of being a journalist in London after leaving Scotland because Mr. Christie had died and told her about her whole story and so asked her to go to London to work and live at Mr. Lonwood.s house there.
At the end of the story , she could meet her mom and how great meeting it was!! And she could meet Mark too, and I think the both got married later.
And I really can find many of her features in my personality, her talking and thoughts. I admire her insistence to live freely and give a lot.
Through Sandybelle's I could learn that there are rules to live happily,
" never hate, don't worry, live simple, give a lot, expect a little, always smile and have good true friends".
and as well I could find Iraqi Plume as a simple way to remind me always of comfort and freedom and purity. As well with the plume the bird can fly so high, until the sky.
And Soleil is my favorite word in French and this is why I chose it as the French nick name, and as you know, I'm so affected of the sun and its rays.
This is my strategy and this is me.

My dear friend and atsuma sent me these links,
Thank you so much dear friend :)
I actually don't know what can I call the last days, there were random feelings.
Regards school,
I am satisfied by my grades and I could get higher than 90% in every subject and so I'm free of the final exams, the smart students here can be free of the final exams.
Today , we watched a movie at school " Merchant of Venice" and I felt I was in movie, and days ago we watched the movie of Oliver Twist.
My friends are alright, as well as the teachers.
My religion teacher got engaged to a good man, when she came to our class, we made the Halhula ( it is an Iraqi sounds women make in celebrations and happy moments). Although my religion teacher is a bit sectarian but she is rather good. I wish her all the happiness as well as the others.
This is the end of this academic year, it was such a hard year, different things could happen, sad and happy moments.
Many days I was forced to study at lantern light because we didn't have electricity, and, many days we saw American and Iraqi military tanks through the window ( which face the main street) chasing the terrorists, many days we got shocks by sudden explosions and bad news of murdering some dears and so.
Hope was in our hands or we couldn't stay alive. We are still hopeful and we will stay like that forever.
Regards family,
Dad is abroad and my little sisters was sick and thank God she is feeling better now.

In General,
I heard bad news. My primary school headmistress had died day ago ,and I was horribly shocked, she was not my headmistress, but also a friend, a grandma and so wonderful teacher. I feel so sorry for that.
And Arsham is very famous chemistry teacher in my city and he also had died yesterday, he was my brothers' teacher, I don't know him, but they talked to me about him for a long time, and when I told them, they felt so sad, and kept asking God to give his soul mercy. they were so sorry and hard could hide their tears.

This is all up to the minute, and my only wish is to lived happily for the next..
Stay safe,


C.H. said...


I watched the video on youtube entitled "Hello Sandybelle". I also read an article on it from wikipedia. I think its a great name for you.

Anyway, I am glad to hear you are doing well. I can't believe you got higher than 90% in your studies. Try as I may, I don't think I could ever do that well in school...you must be REALLY smart. I'll have to take my final exams next month, although one of them is a take-home test. It's okay though, because I really enjoy all of my subjects.

Do you have any big plans after school ends?

C.H. said...

I should also say congragulations to your religion teacher for getting engaged. Good for her.

atsuma the free man said...

hello sandybell

well thats a hello and the name of the Anime(Japanese cartoon)

i Really like your name,,,and I'm happy because your sister got better after she was a little sic

the only way that we crash the terrorists...by using our knowledge...it will not be bent in front of their stupidity an barbarian teaching

hears another advice for you and the readers

a novel written by George orwell
name (animal farm)...because its to similar to our situations in iraq...and the former and present leaders

take care kid

Marshmallow26 said...

مبروك الاعافاء يا ياندي بيل ترا

Michomeme said...

ساندي بيل
ساندي بيل
انا اسمي ساندي بيل
هلموا الية تعالوا
انا صوت محبة ينادي
ويدعو لخير الكل

مبروك الاعفاء ساندي
شدي حيلج على السادس

خالتج ميشو