20 Apr 2008

I learn....

She taught me the letters and asked me to form the words..
She gave me the lyrics and asked me to sing..
She gave me the seeds and asked me to sow and then to reap..
She drew the painting and asked me to sprinkle the colours..
She gave me the candle and asked me to keep it alight..
She opened the book and asked me to read..
She established peace and asked me to live with..
She taught me love and asked me to spread it..
She talked to me about heart and asked me to see by it..
She gave me a hand and asked me to give another..
She shoed me the sea and asked me to navigate..
She pointed to the sky and kept telling me the names of sun, moon, stars and clouds..
She talked to me about people and asked me to consider them my family..
She gave me the plume and asked me to write with..
She asked me to accept any calling I hear..
She opened the window for me and asked me to breathe the fresh air..
Then , she told me the numbers and asked me to count..

Before she let me notice these things, I had thought that everything is normal and it was made to be like that simple how..
Now, I have realized>>
Letters were made to form words by and to let others read then, because every word has power..
Singing makes voice reaches farther from oceans and mountains, because voice has tones and power..
Seeds and new lives are alike, we were sowed and we grow up to give fruits at last, and every tree can be known by its fruit..
Everything has colours, but not every eye can see them, we have to use our eyes to see what can't be seen..
Candles are like hope, we have to keep it alight..
Life is like the book and we have to write words by the chosen plume..
Peace, I feel of its importance now. When the man loses something he/she feels of its importance.. and we have to live in peace with our people, friends and ourselves..
Love is the great source, with love we can forget the sad moments and create for brilliant future..
What is important of what you see is what you see by your heart..
With hands we can touch different things and give others and carry others..
As big as the sea seems we should make our ambitions, and as high as the sky appears we should feel..
Sun, moon and stars are senses sources, and clouds bring rain and with the rain there are treasures, although clouds can hide the sun for a while..
Before she told me, I accepted only the calling that I like and know. Now, I accept all the callings and learn from uneducated one and create by nothing..
Before she told me, life was about past with nice moments and future with ambitions, now ,for me life is about present with past whispers and future callings..

She told you and taught you as she told me and taught me.. But I just say and with my saying there is some importunity and with your silence there is a sight of gravity..

Note, friends it was a very hard week with hard exams and explosions everywhere. English supervisor visited our class and I talked to him, the teacher said that I was great and a classmate said that I talked like an American girl, hehehe maybe she meant Angelina.. hehehe
Maf is doing well, I'm fine as well as the family..


C.H. said...

Salaam, dear Sandybelle Soleil,

As always, you have written a beautiful post. Be patient and stay strong, for you are on your way to great things, my friend.

I am so happy to hear that Maf is doing well...good for her. It is great that she has a strong friend like you to help her along.

Good up the good work and keep trying hard!!


Anand said...

Thanks Iraqi Plume. Who is "She" in your poem?

Glad Maf is doing well.

Many of us respect you greatly Sandybelle. Thank you for cheering our day.

What does Sandybelle mean? What does Iraqi Plume mean?

Michomeme said...

Hey Sandy how are you? how is your school? I hope every thing is doing just fine with you.

I liked you post so much..did you write it? nice work girl

believe me every word we write makes changes, if it does not change the world, it will change at least one person to better..

take care

Sandybelle said...

Salaam C.H.,
thank you so much my dear friend. lucky me dear!!! because you are here suppoeting mt and coloring my life..
hello dear, who is she? it can be a hard question, because I don't really know what should I call her, angel? maybe..
about sandybelle and iraq plume i'll write a post about that.
you are so kind sir, may god bless you..
aunt micho,
hello, i'm fine and doing well in school.
Yes dear, I wrote it!! thanks a lot.
and I truely believe you.. a wonderful aunt and jolie fille..

dear friends, stay safe..