12 May 2008

The things that happened were special

Many things happen in the life and they are all special because every rose has its own way to make people feel happy and surprised by its perfume.

Saturday was a very special day. My sisters and I were planning for a surprise for my mom. it was her birthday and what was the most beautiful thing is that she had forgotten!!!!
Since the early morning, we woke up , and arranged the home, made breakfast and the little sisters went to the shop near our home and bought balloons and a snow spray (we use such spray in special occasions such as weddings, graduations and birthday parties). We needed to turn to the secondary plan because of the sudden curfew that had been announced by the government in Mosul.
At 1:15 p.m. I called the best friend, and we kept talking for about quarter of an hour, and maybe it was the happiest quarter I have ever spent. I felt I'm like a plume , can fly so high, and go to him. I was so happy and to be mentioned I said God's name more than hundred times, I was so embarrassed and shy but not after I heard his voice, I really felt comfortable. and when I ended the calling, I soon told my mom, she saw my shining eyes and said " oh dear!! I'm sure he feels happy with this calling too ".
Then, after lunch, we began to put the balloons ,and the ornament everywhere in the biggest room in our home. and lightly brough the cake , dessert and juice.
Mom asked " why do you lock up the door??
We answered " Oh.. yes.. maybe.. ok.. we are ... we want... ok mom!! this time it isn't your business!! we are sorry"
actually we hardly could hide our laughs. hahaha. it was a happy feeling.
At 7:00 p.m., we changed our clothes and wore the most beautiful ones, we then sent an invitation to mom to attend the party ( we wrote the invitation and sent two copies, to mom and dad, and it was my sister A idea).
Then, mom and dad came, and as soon as they entered the room we said " Wowwwwwww,happy birthday!!!!!!" and began to spray, and disperse chocolate.
Mom was really surprised ( but not dad, we told him in advance, he was a great helper to not to let her feel of our planning) . we began to sing songs, kissing the mom, playing the play with our little dolls( it was a play about mom and her three daughters and two sons, and the dad was very helpful one"
then , we began to read the poems that we created for the mom ( mom's tears falling down, I was so surprised, my mom is a very strong woman, she is my greatest support and kindness source, I couldn't bear this scene and hard could hide tears of mine too).
There was so much fun, jokes , songs, dancing and playing. Mom felt so happy.
Mom!!! you are great!!!
Mom said that it had been so nice of us to remember her birthday!!!

" you are the kind of mother.. everyone should have
you are always giving so much..without expecting anything back
your heart is so gentle.. and filled with love
you are not only a great mother ..you are a special one
May your birthday deliver endless blessings to you
for your support and caring and all that you do"

We also received a calling from my unlce who lives inUAE asking us to attend the gathering that will be happened in Syria. He said that all our relatives from different countries in the world will attend, and they all insist on seeing us. He said that we will consider Syria as our station and we can go anywhere else from it. I liked this idea, and maybe we all will go to Turkey, I love the family meetings. especially when I live here alone, with only my little family. I have no relatives in this city, I many times feel bored of being alone and spend hours imagining my relatvives whom I have never seen, they all know my and know my name, But I ....
Regards the situation, Curfew has started on Saturday , the present military operation is called
" Lion Roaring'' as I think. inspection happens in different quarters in Mosul, and we are praying for the happy and peaceful latter.

بمنع التجوال الواحد يكدر يشوف ابوه دائما, اليوم بابا جان ديبدل ولبس رباط كللللللللللش حلو, اتفق ويه رياجيل المنطقه حتى ديسولفون علوضع واشياء اني ما احبهه, معظمهه سياسيه. ما علينا. اختي الصغيره سالته, بابا!! اشوكت عيدميلادك؟
بابا: باباتي عيدميلادي ابشهر السابع. اكلج ساندي!!اشوكت؟ يا يوم؟ صدك نسيت
اني: 14 تسعه بابا!!!هاي شنو نسيت؟؟؟!!!!ممم
اختي: بابا اشكد راح ايصير عمرك؟

بابا: خمسين

اختي: خمسين الف؟؟ انته اشكد جبير!!!! انته احلى اب

طبعا بابا بصعوبه كدر يخفي الضحكه, تدرون اشكال؟؟

اي حبيبتي اي.. اني اتذكر يوم اشور بانيبال استلم الحكم, ويوم حمورابي من زعل امه, اي اشلون!!! خمسين الف

اختي: منو اشور؟ صديقك؟ اني ليش ما اعرفه؟
بعدين بابا ظل يشرح لاختي و يفهمهه, الارقام, وحجالهه هم عله اشور

اني خربت من الضحك, بابا انسان رائع ويكدر يخلق من ابسط حجايه نكته, بس تدرون؟؟ اني ظليت افكر, اكيد مجان عدهم حظر للتجول
اشوفكم بخير.. و ادعولي.. هاي اول مره احجي بالعراقي هنا


C.H. said...

سالام ساندي بيا

هذا شيء جميل. مبروك
أرغب بزيارة العراق و سوريا


I really hope you get to take a trip to Syria. That sounds like it would be really cool! Turkey also sounds like it would be amazing. I am looking forward to the day I have the chance to visit both of those countries, as well as Iraq.

I understand what its like to live in a city with few relatives. Most of my relatives live in Boston, on the other side of the United States. My family and I plan on visiting them this Summer for a few weeks.

That was such a nice thing you and your sisters did for your mom! It must have made her very happy. She can always be thankful she has such a kind daughter who is thinking of her like that.

Good for you!
Be safe, my friend :)

Marshmallow26 said...


How are you dear? I am so worry about you and people in Mosoul! How is the situation over there?

Happy B day to mom and I am praying for you and all good people in Mosoul...

Please take care and God bless you

Michomeme said...

Happy Birthday for your Mamy

Iraqi Mojo said...

You are very sweet, Sandybelle. I was indeed very happy to talk to you. Deeri balich 3ala nefsich!

atsuma the free man said...

hello sandy

i hope you gather up in Syria and see how Syria is

I've been there before

Didn't like it that much as Jordan
but to be honest
you can't see your blog from there because blogger is blocked in Syria

but i wish you enjoy there

good luck kid