22 May 2008

I'm happy for my Iraq

This photo is from south of Iraq ( a marsh).

Many things make me feel happy even though if they were simple, and right now, I really feel happy.
To see my people's eyes full of hope and happiness make me feel so happy.

This photo is from Mosul :)
Two days ago, I visited our neighbors, I have not visited them for about two years!!! yes, two years. My parents usually visit them, but I most of the time can be busy, so I don't go with them. I met their daughters, they are 26 and 27 years old ones, but I was able to talk to them, they are so sweet and we kept talking about differnt subjects, and things happened during the two years. while we were at theirs, another family came and later other two families, so the children stayed in one room , and the adults in other and the parents in other one. Their son's wife gave birth to a little baby, he is so cute, he is only 30 days old!!!! Soon, my mom remembered me when I was in his age and said " Oh, soleil, you have grwon up very quickly, my dear".

this photo is from Tikrit, an area in the north of Iraq.

I stayed at the parents room for a while, and the main men's talking was about politics, and guess what?
They were five men, from different sects and religions ( different men gathered in Mosul), and the all kept praising the government and the last operation whose name was changed to Um Alrabeeayn ( mother of two springs), the all were happy for our continous victory against the terrorism, the all realize that there is no way to live happily without unity. The all realize that Iraqis should be united by Belonging to the same land, no matter if there were differences among tongues and religions and sects, we are all Iraqis. And together we can be strong.
The women talking was about politics too, and of coourse other issues I didn't get because I left the room.
The children kept playing together.
And I spent most of the time with the two lovely girls, they know a lot about computer and formatting, they promised me to teach me about computer, because computer is not of the very things that I like to do during my spare time, I prefer reading, writing , singing, , acting, listening to music, searching via the net about things i can be wondering about and lately new thing was added to the list, blogging and checking E-mails.
I was so happy to visit them, and then having a walk in my quarter after that.

The national guards inspected our home and they were so polite and calm, as soon as they knew that we are well- educated family after asking about my dad's name they said
" Oh, we are sorry, we admire such people of Iraq"
and began making jokes with each other kidding my little sister.
when they knew that mom and dad work in the same spot, they said " so you married her after love relationship, mmmm, love.. love..love", my dad turned very shy, really, his face was red to his ears.
Thank God, we finished the crfew safely.
And to be mentioned that the bacaloria of the sixth class was postponed to 26/ 6.
I wish luck for all the students.
May the ways be blessed..
I called my aunt who lives in Baghdad ( I have not called her for a long time), she began blaming me why I don't call her always, and I told her that I didn't have the time but the last days, I was too busy with school ,and I'm still busy with my study. Then aunt kept wishing me luck.
She was in Alkadhum Market, a very famoust market in Baghdad, she was doing shopping so I needed to end the calling soon.
I love Baghdad so much and always wait to visit it and always watch the news ( although I hate that so much because I dislike politics) to see a views from it, and to make sure that everything is getteing better, I look forward to live that day in Baghdad when I'll be able to meet all my friends there, a safe beautiful city without violence.
I started studying after the rest time, it is the first step on my real way, and the last step in school mention. I hope the next will be bright.for me and for everyone else.

I'm happy,


C.H. said...

Wow Sandy, those pictures are really cool! I can imagine being there in Iraq to see all of that beautiful scenery. I have no doubt that Baghdad will one-day become a lovely place, where terrorism will be a thing of the past.

I am not surprised that the National Guards considered you and your family to be good Iraqis--you are among the best, and people like you will be the ones who will play a positive role in Iraq's future, Sandy.

I will do everything I can as an American to help Iraqis get there :) :)

God bless you, and be safe

Michomeme said...

eHello Sandy..Nice pics girl, I liked them.

how is the situation in Mosul now? I hope it will get better during this period.

take care girl..
and what about you hear pain? did you tell your parents about it?


Chris Baker said...

I was reading your previous post and agree with your dad, you are special for how you can see things but I would add special also for how you can bring what you see into a blog like this with words and photo's. However you said in your previous post you are not here to be praised, and in that post you asked "What will happen if not everyone considers my deeds like I want and mean him/her to consider and think of."

That is a very important question however I believe I'm fully responsible for how everyone considers my deed, whether that's how I wanted them to consider it or not. However if my motive was pure when I carried out the deed it's not so bad, however I'm still fully responsible since no one else knows my motives. Now that also means you cannot be responsible for how others chose to carry out their deeds involving you. Some young people become deeply offended by what someone else says or does to them, when it should be clear the other person is fully responsible for their deed and how you interpreted their deed.

Could they have carried out their deed better is something for them to consider and learn from, and something for us to learn as we carry out deeds involving others. This point is closely linked to your faith, and perhaps it's improper to discuss in a blog like this. Who then administers justice for an improper deed done to you or others is perhaps the most difficult issue of faith that people ultimately have to figure out for themselves. We know faith guides us in how we exercise our free will, and I believe the proper or improper exercise of my free will is directly linked to my eternal immortality.

PS. You wrote "eternal mortality" - the Latin word "mortalis" means death so you meant "eternal immortality".

Sandybelle said...

Hello friends,
C.H., hi , how are you?
Thank you for your kind words and my all your dreams come true. stay safe and work hard. :)

aunt micho,
Hello aunt, I'm glad you are here again, and my God help you with your work :). Mosul is so much getting better, and I'm gald so. :)
I have not told my parents yet, but i promise you i'm going to tell them, and my brother who is a doctor told me that it is a simple thing and actually , i'm getting better too, like situation in Iraq. hahahaha :)

Chris Baker,
Hello sir, I'm glad for your nice visiting and i hope to see you again. :)
your words are so deep and need to be to thought of, thank you.
My blog is about a small box i carry my memories and the words that translate my feelings in. this is why i'm writing, and telling you, my friends, because i believe in the friends' help. :)

Oops, yes i meant immortality, thank you dear. hahaha, typing mistake, thank you again. I'm going to edit it right now.
Stay safe sir and have a good day.