25 May 2008

They have their Iraq and I have mine

The kind date-palm.

The beautiful Baghdad.
Al-Sareefa, a local little house made by reeds, can be usually found to the south of Iraq.
Zakho, inthe north.
Al-Malwiyya, in Samarra, to the north of Iraq.
Tigris, during the time of the sunset.
Tikrit governorate

They have their Iraq, and I have the one mine.
Their Iraq is about a problem that they fight each other for, and my Iraq is about the greatest solution that we can be brought all together by , and can all swim in his rivers.
They have their Iraq... and I have mine

Their Iraq is about a government has many leaders, and my Iraq is about a great mountain that leads to the way beyond the sun.
They have their Iraq ... But I have mine.

Their Iraq is about a land of battle, and my Iraq is about a land of treasures, date-palms and rivers.
They have their Iraq and I have mine.
Their Iraq have people, people here only ready to take and usually forget to give. and I have my Iraq and his people are the great farmers , workers, teacher, doctors, advocates, angels and livers.
They have their Iraq, and I love mine.

Their Iraq have chains, and everytime when they try to remove them, they fail,
and my Iraq is the one who can help to remove all the chains and free all the slaves.
They have their Iraq.. and my Iraq is mine.

Their Iraq is like a house gathering a bizzare family whose members are ready to kill each others and to steal each other. but My Iraq is like a house gathering a strong united family, every member knows which is the duty and which is the right. and the members are not alike, someone is old, other is young, other works in a job , other works in a very different other. they go to different tempres, churches, mosques and shrines, but they are all here for each other..
My people are the little guyes who try to climb the high mountains to find the nut trees, and the high date-palms to gather the dates. My people are the best mothers who care about their kids to make them learn how to be and to do, and who care about their husbands who have already come from the place where they could find remains of past others..
They have their Iraq.. and I have the one Mine.

Their Iraq is a land of secrets and history of past wars, but my Iraq's secrets are the ones who brough the treasures , the kindness, the beauty , the faith , the hope and the holy prayers. And history of who were one day here doing what we try to continue doing now.
They have their Iraq, and i have the one mine.
Their Iraq is about hell, they can't live in, but my Iraq is the Paradise that I love to have my life flying with the birds that fill its space with warbling to call others to come to sing..
Sing the Song of Life..
My Iraq is not like theirs.. Nothing can ever change my Iraq.. and nothing can ever change my love towards.
My Iraq is the great true... and their Iraq is the humble false.
I love my Iraq..


Anand said...


DIG said...

Very beautiful post. Many thanks and take care.


Michomeme said...

You have agreat love for Iraq, I wish that all people love Iraq as you do, if this will be true, believe me our Iraq will be much better.
Let's hope that everything will be fine, everyone will be secured, no one will get killed, wounded or abducted any more.

Let's hope that life will goes on as they way we want, we live in peace to enjoy the donations of God.
God gave us a great country, All we have to do is to respect and protect what we have.
Your Iraq is mine too, let us pray to God that All Iraqis will be united to save our great country..

And I love you too Sandy
take care..

C.H. said...

What beautiful pictures!! Wow, I really feel as though I am on that bridge overlooking the Baghdad skyline...and it feels great, haha :)


The Iraq I see is a beautiful place full of rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and wonderul and kind people. When I think of Iraq, I think of an amazing place. God willing, everything will get better really soon.

Be safe

Iraqi Mojo said...

Nice post, and nice photos! I hope you are doing well, Sandybelle:)

MixMax said...

beautiful pictures of our beloved Iraq

Steve said...

I have never met anyone who is in love with his, her, conutry like you.. may god bless you and your iraq..

Anonymous said...

So wonderful sandybelle. take care kid..

Dawn said...

YES YES YES!!!!! Iraq, RISE AND SHINE!!!! YOU WILL FLOURISH!!!!! Sandybelle, thank you for speaking heaven's perspective for Iraq!

much love!