19 Mar 2008

What is written in the stars can't be changed nor altered

I was sitting in my room staring at the street through my window. A few American tanks passed by and I felt of their speed and I felt very afraid, they seemed very angry especially when I heard that some mine was exploded on the way of some other tank( a friend of theirs) . They say that these are ''The last days" and for that we have to capture hope. Anyway I don't care whether these are the last or not, I just pray for our safety and safety of all the innocent people in this big world. On my way to school, I always see many people, guards, policemen, students ,pupils, teachers, workers, shoppers and bakers and many others. In their eyes I notice the freedom and willpower to continue, no matter what happens. I just love the end to be by our side and like it to be happy.

The past days were full of explosions and chases. Our class faces the main street in the quarter where my school situated, so any tank passes by, we notice it. There are many everyday. On Sunday there were many ones, American ones and national others. many explosions happened and ambulances were many too. Police cars crazily kept making noise and horrible calling " Waaa Wee, Waa Wee" to make other cars notice and clear the way. Every morning carries new news of different victims and the stories are different too. But thinking of these days can be the last ones make me feel high and able to forget the sadness. But I just wonder whether it was written in the stars the we would face such bad days. Ok, ok it is ok that we are cooperative and with our strength together can destroy the strong fence that hinder our distance.

This week I received some marks and they were really good. Full marks in English , French, physics. And I got 98% in biology, I loved to get 100%. Mom says that it is Ok because I just studied 7 pages of more than 14, I depended on my memory, I was very sick and my fever was very high and so I couldn't study well at all but I didn't like to postpone doing it. Also there was a celebration here " My sister's seventh birthday" and there was so much of noise, singing and playing, I wanted to ask them to stop celebrating, but NO, it is birthday and it isn't their fault that I'm sick.I hept kidding my sweetie sister and she filled my cheeks with many kisses.
Thank You Sweetie Sister!!

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Anyway, it was horrible week, but it is gone now, and I'm back to my nature.
My friend Es will travel to Baghdad on Sunday and she invited me to go with her, I refused her offer kindly because she will stay for a week and this isn't enough if someone wants to go to Baghdad and enjoy the fun and the pleasure there.

Our school board decided to create a magazine especially to dictate the student's efforts and activity and the school's news. I'll prepare a subject in biology, chemistry and Arabic. Arabic teacher loves me too ( every teacher loves me and here is the great pointJ and asked me to prepare and essay. I like to make and essay of English too but the problem is of electricity and time, I don't really have enough spare time, especially these days, teacher gives us much homework saying that these are the last days of the academic year and we have to finish our work soon.
Next week, there will be many exams and I have to be ready to get good marks.
Everyday new writings are written in the stars and what is written can't be changed not altered. Many wonderful things are and were written. Also there were bad things, but the bad ones were found to have a look upon our patience and hope.
Yesterday I dreamed of Angelina, I was sorry to wake.. Mom says that it was only a dream and I don't have to be sorry..
I don't know whether it'll be written that I will meet Angelina.
I'm so zealous to know what will be written.
Let it be written and let it be..


C.H. said...


That was an amazing post...it really moved me. Please trust me when I say this...the only thing written for you and the other good people of the world is happiness and a better future. The bad things that are happening in Iraq and the broader Middle East are by no means written as destiny...they are purely the work of people who are determined to create chaos, death, and destruction...all so they accomplish their goals of doing exactly that.

It has been five years now since the US went into Iraq, and since then, the mission has been sabotaged by the forces of terrorism again and again. This time we must not lose hope...and I mean all of us, all around the world. We must stand united if we are to succeed.

Please stay safe, and keep up the good work.

cat said...

Hey Sandy!
That's awesome that you did well in your exams. Keep it up! As always, love and hugs,

Iraqi Mojo said...

I also pray for your safety, Sandybelle. Congratulations on your high marks!

Sandybelle said...

thank you dear. Ok i trust you in all cases:). Happiness and good future. this what i pray for always sir.
Stay safe dear, you too:)

love and hugs for you too sweetie.


Little Penguin,
your words moved my feelings, I'm proud that you had a look upon my blog and i really thank you.
I'm lucky because among Iraqis there are people love and have hope ( like you dear).
M. Mahdi Aljawahiri is very great person, he was able to use words power to impress many people. his poems have great meaning, meaning i can imagine and carry in my mind, and this is why i love the sun and what is beyond it.
Dear little penguin, i just read your wonderful comment and instead of choosing publish i chose reject. hehehe, it is funny and stupid mistake, i beg your pardon. :)

the free man said...
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the free man said...
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the free man said...

you've got full mark in English
well done kid

keep up th good study

by the way it's no wonder that your teachers loves you
because you got the peaceful mind,,and your nick name is enough to know:)

i suggest u to read a historical books too

you'll need them later,,just as i did
don't worry,,this wont make you an atheist like me,,looool,its just an advice from a friend,

take care

and good luck

Anand said...

Sandybelle, you are so much smarter than me it is ridiculous. You are a good person, wise and capable. If there are many woman (note I don't use the word girl . . . you are far too mature and wise for that) in Iraq like you, then Iraq is a great country indeed. A country's worth is found in its woman.

Long Live Iraq! Long live Mosul! Here is hoping that Sandybelle agrees to be Iraq's PM some day. If that day comes, I hope you give me a work visa to move to Iraq! Iraq would become an idyllic place. ;-)

PS. Completely off topic, some of my friends are in Mosul now (Bill Roggio, @thepointyend, and others):


Check the slide show. There are many pictures of my hero, the second Iraqi Army Division commanding Major General Mutta’a. Go Mutta’a! Mosul is so lucky to have him.

I hope that Mutta’a smashes all the bad people and makes all of Mosul (and East Ninevah) as safe as the Moslowis deserve.

Anand said...

Some more stories about the amazing Mutta'a here:

Anonymous said...

let me believe in your blog and think..
Sandybelle, no one can be more patient than you, i think. and me, i feel i am so weak in front of you.
i really liked your post, happy birthday for the seetie sister. and learn that i loved your post "Smile of Dawn " more than the others and i'm waiting for another post in the same style. i feel so impressed.
it had been very long time since my last visit..
Dany Many
ps. i agree with the commentators above.

Sandybelle said...

dear ones, thanks.
the free man,
really do you like my nick name:))i'll read such books, i don't care, about atheist, i just read what i find to make myself more delighted:))) and then choose the right. thanks for he advice..

i sincerely thank you too much. you are great man ,and i am lucky to have such nice friend..


Congrats on the high marks!! Keep on keepin on girl! Another wonderful post thank you so much for once again brightening my day! As the FreeMan said no wonder why your teachers love you I would think that is pretty impossible not to. I love the name Soleil as it is my daughters middle name. You guys are alike in your sweetness and size of your hearts. Thank you.

atsuma the free man said...

hows going on kid????

i just wanna make sure that your OK

im watching whats going on in iraq so

take care of your self
i wish you good luck

Sandybelle said...

gruntshti and atsume,
dear ones, thank you very much:)))))