1 Nov 2007

Isn't shame to be poor, but it is a shame when you think thst poverty is a shame..

In Our class there is a girl, nick name for her will be Manny.
Manny is a poor girl, solitary girl, and nice- as I thought from the beginning-.
When I tried to be nearer towards her, I found her very nice girl - I was right-

"hello dear good morning, how are you?" I said
" hello, I'm fine and you?" she replied.

This was the first talking between us.
Then I began to try to reach her inside.
She is very calm and humble girl. I noticed that the girls don't talk to her at all, they even when need to ask her about some subject, they behave very badly.
I don't like their behavior with her, and don't like to explain this.

When I sked some girl" why do I see most girl don't talk to Manny?"
" Manny , talking to manny?!!! he, Girl? do you love to talk to many? she is poor girl, even she doesn't know the meaning of........." the girl replied.
You notice that I meant to put ........ instead of the remaining words.
I didn't expect to hear them.

Is There any Shame of being POOR!!!!
No at all.
The one becomes rich when he owns the other hearts by being good and sweet and kind and not he one who owns all money of the world.
These girl don't know what is the meaning of leip someone else.
This is horrible and sad.
Absolutely, I don't listen to them.
I expect that Manny and I can create nice couple to help the others and to make them happy.

Don't you think that poverty is fault, but the fault is when you think that the poverty is fault.



Muhannad said...

A wonderful post, Sandybelle. It is amazing and sad how many people in the world live on less than $1 per day. The vast majority of poor people are good, hard working people.

Sandybelle said...

yes, unfortunately that is right