3 Jul 2012

Tanned flowers

"you know? I expected you to stand by me to a farther extent than you really did. Though, it's ok, since there's no difference anymore."
And I bite my lip till it bleeds, not that renewed tragedy ; every single day, every single night, is a very new tragedy.
I'm not a player, and it is not a play. But I doubt it could be just a very bad dream. I keep biting my lip till blood is enough to be directed inward and cover my lower teeth, I am not scared of blood any more, blood has become a matter I've got used to deal with in my job. But this time, I feel scared till my lip starts trembling, and a stupid idea of I may have lost the motor nerve supply of it comes to my mind. Then, I run to the closest tape, and I rinse my mouth.
I keep staring at the glistening screen, and keep re-reading the status, and every time I do, I think it's the first, perhaps it's due to the sleepy inspiration which already weakens my muscles, mind and soul; It's no long time since I banished the last nervous attack I faced, in  my college, amongst the lies, stressors, study, and sings of attempts to make you fail, fail and fall and fall just to lower than your shoes limit, or as deep as into a hole you yourself might mistakenly have dug looking for a well of sorcery and deceit a well of oil in this rich land – as they say, and it's rich in both- or someone else has done, willingly or not, someone as possible as you might have considered to be really nothing. In both chances, you're considerably, the only loser.
My hands tremble, and I start to cry again. I put my head on the pillow, and drown into sleep, thankfully, no dream about this issue captures me, perhaps finally God doesn’t want me suffer any more, I mean, God already doesn’t want me suffer, but this time, he decided to make me realise this, realize it by my simple narrow-horizon mundane thoughts, caring very much about my faith, the faith that can never ever escape from me, my mind, my brain, from my brain's sulci and gyri, from my cellular compartments and my blood, the blood that part of which has oozed scaring me, pushing me towards the tape.
My friend, my friend till February. When we both decided-with no frank agreement- to put an end to that friendship, and I trusted it, but the friend was likely to be only pretending, I don’t know what was the his/her aim, I don’t know what was the all going on.
No one asked about the other except for the helpless words from a time to another, that I really believed they were only for our friendship's agony.
And it was all going as it wanted to go, but the friend has never left my heart nor my mind, I really found S a true sincere friend I could trust, although every time we talked, S would mention things I hated a lot, they all were only about failure, sadness, misery,,,etc.. and I, I really would get crazier every day, and this was reflected in my deeds and thoughts, and I almost would change to a person like S, for S kept saying he/she was like me in the past – so, I could be like her/him in the future, or even in the present- then, I told myself , I must never be, I was born not only for myself, and it's not me who chooses, its God, besides, and this is the most important thing, I should stay me, if I changed, who would help S?!
I kept saying this, believing till my bone marrow, it was the agony and that if I was in S's place, I perhaps would be the same, S told me I was good and innocent and lovely, and asked me never change, and always warned me not be the same she/he was.
I kept trying comforting S, but nothing worked, even, S never told me she/he would feel ok when I talked to him, I was feeling guilty, and so weak, that I could make no change.
And I started to think, what's the benefit of being a friend while you are doing nothing. I even thought I would be just another more load. I decided to be away, despite the big feelings I owed S.
It was Sunday, the last day of my exams, S talked to me saying her/his father was at the end.
I was asleep by then, when I woke up in the morning, I read the message, and I responded that God really knows what he does, I had really nothing to respond with, I was in a very big mess, no sleep for two subsequent nights, my mom was not at home, besides, S has used to respond to me that way, so I underwent no big trouble to find suitable words, to talk with my usual way or event to ask why, or what was going on ; then " he died this morning".
I was SHOCKED, even though S her/himself has expected this, since his/her father's stage of cancer was advanced and kept telling me this, but I didn’t believe, because I couldn’t, because I really believed in miracles..
Silence for hours, no talk, no sense.. nothing I knew to do. Finally, I remembered something called "crying" I used to do frequently, but I cried so hard, I felt I needed something bigger than crying to do, it’s a feeling repeats for the third time,  I really didn’t know what did I have to do.
I wanted to call S, but" what must I say?" I said to myself. Besides, I was sure that all his/her relatives will come, and there will surely be no time for chatting. "and S' sisters? I added" and I kept crying with myself, drowning my face into the pillow and my tears into my whole face.

Once my mom told me, "Shams, if you ever see a person lost her/his parent recently, be sure to leave her/him alone till she/he wants to talk, no matter how strong is your will to speak to her/him" and what urged me more to trust the silence I was in, was that I remembered when my mother had lost her parents, and how dad had left her by herself till she had said she had been better, " after all, it's God's role " mom had said.
And I did this, with all my love from the depth of my heart, with all my sadness, passing over my usual hotheaded nature, I did the same.
Besides, I was half to believe, half not to.
Right now, I have no excuses, and I am not planning for any, it happened like this. S, in her/his city away from mine, thinks I am rude or something like this, or let's say I don’t care about what she/he thinks as much as I care for the thing I did, I did it from my heart, never meaning to let him/her alone, and I believe, no word, at least for the moment, can make any change.
Oh God, you really know how I feel.
My dear friend,
No word I found in all the dictionaries I own can help me.. But allow me to say, I keep praying for your father, as much as you confidently kept talking about him and how great he was, I loved him, , I pray for him who is in Paradise right now, keep praying for you, and your family.
My friend, what aches me more is that we live in two separated cities, but I believe in God being closer to us that our souls, not only our shadows.
My friend, just believe I am that same person who still and will always consider our friendship to be a flower, a flower I raised up with our praying, our beliefs and trust. And this flower is Iraqi, it's tanned. It's the same flower I will plant next to your father's  tomb.
And my aim, is that you know, I still love you … My friend.
By the first moment we had, by the  first name we said, and by the first goal we decided to work for, I swear, you will always be my friend, no matter how bad I misunderstood you, how blurred your speeches and intentions were, and no matter how hard to say I may lose you forever right now..
No matter, how "no difference" is there anymore.
I will always love you...  my friend..



Ahmed said...

that was an awesome post Shams.congrats.

im very sorry for this sad friendship, they must have been tiring days.
I will pray for S's father. hope she/he get better soon, and hope he/she can understand your point of view.

you are a good friend Shammosa

احمد said...

هذه من اكثر القصص تاثيرا في نفسي... ردت ابجي الا شويه شمس.. فعلا اتمنى ان يرجع ذلك الصديق او تلك الصديقه وان يتغمد الاب بكل الرحمه

Laura said...

It made me cry...

Johny said...

Shams I suppose what you did was the most acceptable.. i understand everything you said, hope your friend understands it too.. hope you will be together again..

William said...

Shams.. I really pray for you and your friend.. you impressed me.. i think your friend must understand you.. if he/she was a good friend. he/she will do.

Anonymous said...

Be blessed. Jimmy

Julia said...

I pray for this friendship...

Anonymous said...

انا اقدر وضعك ساندي بل واتمنى من هذا/هذه الصديقه فعل ذات الشيء..اتمنى لصداقتكما ان تستمر وتدوم للابد..
امتعني الموضوع جدا وارجو التقدم وكتابة المزيد

يادكتورة وقائدة المستقبل

ابن بابل

Anonymous said...

You've been the same!
Anyways good luck though with everything!


Sandybelle said...

thank you very much, and right now, it was resloved with S, and now, she's doing well, and could understand me and the current situation.

تقريبا عادت الصديقه/الصديق وعادت المياه الى مجاريها,بس اني الي سحبت نفسي شويه, لان استجدت امور خلتني اتراجع عن امور هواي, لكن لابأس, راح اظل صديقتها الي توكف وياها دائما, وهذا هو هدف الصداقه الحقيقي.. بس بيني وبينك احمد, لو جان "الحبيب" جان غير تصرف اتصرف هههههههههههه

you impressed me girl wih your kind emotions, be blessed, and sorry to make you cry, perhaps i shouldn't write abou sad stories any more, should i???

Oh my dearest Johny, you are always here to understand me , right? hhhhhh
be blessed Johny, and thanks for keeping being a wonderful frind of my own!!!
Keep waiting me, till i come to the US hhhhhh..

William, you are totally right, there was no complete understanding, but it's ok, i appreciate it, thank God, life can always bring us new friends, and sometimes (for me, most of the time) you sacrify for them even with simple tears, find it diificult to explain things or even get hurt from them, mom says, they are not friends, but they are "victims of your pure feeling and good manners to do the best with every person you meet" and i already started to agree, people you meet are many, but real friends are few, and for me ,my beloved real friends are all overseas:D

Julia and Jimmy, thanks.

ابن بابل
عمو انت دائما تتحفني بتعليقاتك اللطيفه والله يحفظك الي, وعفيه لتنساني من دعائك ... دعاؤك مهم بالنسبه الي كولش..وهسه اني رايحه للرابع طبيه والدعاء ضروري اكثر هنا (ادعيلي زين يعني ههههه) ودربي طويل وامنياتي هوايه, بس اكيد مدام الله موجود فماخاف لان بأذنه وعونه كلها تتحقق.. واهم شي حسن العاقبه في كل شيء..ربي يحفظك مرات لوووووووووخه

"you've been the same? have not got it :)