26 Jun 2012

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Last night, I couldn’t sleep well, I slept a little, for only 30 minutes or a little less.

Little things have carried me far away, beyond man's limits. It was not the sky, nor somewhere higher, or even lower, it was a place I didn’t know, and I am a little confused to describe.

Out there, I just could realize that every single light coming out a window was not a mere collection of photons, it was a blazing star, and the flame of each had a story, they were stories about growth, death, poverty, glut, blusterer, blaming God, roguery , praying for rain, praying for forgiveness, drawing maps of the universe and last kind criticize all the latter.

I trust myself, I was staying in my own bailiwick all time long, and not my real soul nor my real mind are those who've got big winds to fly, even if I suppose they have; those big winds obtain neither invitation nor agreement to enter. I just had a heart , a rocket escaping over the happiness, and over the missery.
It was somewhere no magic things were present.. and no fear. they were partly real, and partly fabled.

And now, I can't help my *voluntary* muscles from raising up, permitting a larger place for more oxygen to leak in, and I say leak in because the pressure outside has really become stronger than inside. – this , however, gives no clue about the fabled part of the story, the place of the stories.

Khalid , -a teacher in microbiology laboratory- came in , and he greets us, and I , despite the yawning, pay an admirable attention, and grin itching my cheek. – micro lab was the most enjoyable lab ever this year, I liked every single subject, beginning with bacteria, passing over fungi and viruses and ending with antigens and antibodies.

The LCD projector is turned on, and the opposite side starts to glow up and my eyes, longing to sleep, tear..

Suddenly, all the seperated  parts are brought up together, and all this big life is hidden somewhere behind these shiny tiny parts. And this time, these photons again , give no clue, nor any evidence.

Perhaps I deserve this kind of LCD projectors, life away from noise, higher to which, all aims and desires burn up in colors of gratification.
Alaa asks me for a pen, as Mr. Khalid showing us the agars, and test tubes.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa , that can live at temperature of up to 42 C, and at a pH of 9, had got a very sweet smell and I liked it a lot.. And it gave rise to many colors, the one I liked the most was the green, the pyoverdin.

I , then, approach the agar more, and the sleeve of my lab coat sticks between the edge of the LCD projector and the pinch edge, I take it out, and keep I watching, trying to really see those very tiny organisms, and trying to talk to that aeruginosa, hoping they can share me the events about the photons and the stories..

By now, I learn another one more little thing, languages are different, and it's , yes, impossible, that I can talk to a bacterium.

I turn my head, and go back , close to the same point where the sleeve have stuck.. and I touch it, it's got a green light, that was shinier that aeruginosa's .

The green colors, and photons and the LCD, were the only common bond between this real and that partly real worlds..amongst these separated words.. Both and all, belong to the same universe..


P.S. Since last year, I have not written down anything, and frankly, I had no reason other than being so busy with study.

I finally finished my exams, the day before yesterday, and I am on my way to the fourth year level.

From now on, we'll be dealing more and more with patients and hospital. I am doing well with study, and no big news regards college, except the study itself.

Up to the moment, I have got no friend I can share my life with ( I mean here in my college) and I really pray and hope I can find.

No big plans for the vacation, no big plans for the soon future.. I already stopped planning, and I just will let it be just the same it always wants to be............................. (it's all in God's hands :D)

Ah, something else, I am learning to arrange my time, between my study and my hobbies, especially blogging, the thing I miss SO SO SO MUCH.


Anonymous said...

Shams, looooooooooooooon time no see..

Pseudomonad=s ha?? hehehe
it seems you are so impressed with that micro ;)

Im glad coz u finally finished your study this year, you must be needing a very long rest holiday :D :D

Take care of yourself and keep working, you can do it, and you're doing it..

Keep blogging ToOoOoOo


Ali said...

شموسه ظل بالنا عليج والله
بس الحمدلله الظاهر الامور تماما انشالله ياربي
انشالله متشوفين الا كل خير

كالعاده, كولش عجبني البووست مالتج.. وبلمناسبه هالشهر حيصير عمرج عشرين سنه
شنو شعورج؟


Jessica said...

Sandybelle, I've been always checking your blog, and i was worried for this long time no write..

no, i feel comfortable, it must have been a hard year study for you, you must spend a perfect vacation to refresh your mind..

eager for more stories...
Be blessed..

Anonymous said...

Sandybelle, It's awesome to see you blogging back, and..
Your post is very interesting, I admire your writings alot, since they dont talk about a single person's ideas or day life, they are things thay show lotta kindness and great humanity.. this is why you should never ever stop writing, we need authors like you.
You've got a very big and promising future
Be blessed..


احمد said...

مبروك العطله ساندي
بس وينج
لتنسين تكلينا عالدلاجات خخخخخخ

William said...

Happy holiday Sandybelle. I wish you the best holiday ever, you deserve it :)

Don't worry about getting a friend, you will find someone who understands you and stands by your side all the times and never lets you down..
It's not necessary to find a friend, perhaps immediately you'll find a gentleman who is willing to be that person for you, who loves you to death and becomes the soulmate of you.. a handsome smart guy, whom you will love too much too, ;) trust me, I'm sure you have become that very BEAUTIFUL lady in your twentieth year ;) ;) ;)

KEEP BLOGGING girl and go ahead :)

Julia said...

Sandybelle, I'm impressed by your words, this was wonderful to be in that place, keep visiting it...

Anonymous said...

Agood score blog, keep up hard work.

Ibn Babil said...

شفت البلوك مال حضرتج قبل شهر وعبالي جنتي حتبطلين كتابه
اني جدا معجب باسلوبج وانتقائج للكلمات, طبيبه واديبه, جميل جدا

ساظل من المتابعين لكتاباتك دوما ان شاء الله لكن لتنقطعين


من بابل, ابن بابل