19 Jul 2012

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all of my friends..

It was supposed that I visit Basrah this Saturday, by plane, but I'll go on Sunday, by car, and i am hesitated, since the way is very long, and here, Summer is burning, and i dont trust car air conditioning system that much..anyways, let's see what's happening..

The other night i wrote this,

"Petals falling
droplets running down my cheek
I'm now alone, in the scenery that we once saw together..
I was afraid to remember, so, i closed my eyes,my heart and the door of my room!
and I tried so many times to erase it, that big fear..
My love, the drops overflowed.. I wish i could protect you.. but right now, i feel i can do, and i am only waiting for days to pass over my path, the time i need to be fully independent, fully able to make you proud of me, despite the truth of my thinking, and only thinking with no mere belief, that it means nothing to you..

Even if i get hurt, i will keep trying, keep keeping trying..

I've been watching over you closely more than anyone else..

And here is the very everything ,my name, which you include, my life, my work, my hobbies, my family, my buddies, my future, my role, my prayers, my shadow, the shadow that you are closer to me than, and MY LOVE, all Over there, flying over the sky of places I am interested in , where I live, Mosul, I am in love with, Baghdad, and *Chicago*...



Johny said...

Ramadan Kareem Shams. i wish you a perfect month full of blessed and accepted worship.

it must be an exciting visit to Basrah, don't forget to publish some pics ;-)

Eliza said...

Sandybelle, i liked the thing you wrote a lot.
you impress me, and i am touched.. so touched..
really hope for the next times of your life to be total happiness and you will always be with the people you love..Ramadan Kareem.

Eliza said...

btw, what does Chicago mean to you?

Ali said...

رمضان كريم شموسه

هاي شنو يابه تروحين للبصره؟ لعد شوكت تجين لبغداد؟؟بس لا عمي لتجين مناقصنا سليكه زايده هع

الله عالبركراف الكاتبته هنياله الماخذ عقلك ياحلو......... هههههههههههههه

اني دانتظر منج مفاجآآآآآآآآت

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your trip to Basrah!

Anonymous said...

رمضان كريم اعاده الله علينا باليمن والخير والبركه

سفره سعيده لجهنم بالبصره
هسه افتهم اكو واحد يروح للبصره بتموز؟؟؟؟

حيالله شيكاغو واهل شيكاغو..دومج حلو تكتبين


David said...

Sandybelle, its a good stuff out here.

what did you mean by the thing you wrote> or its only a random thoughts???

how's everything going with you in your study, long time no news.

any love?? lol

Anonymous said...

i suggest you stay home and keep doing your worship instead of travelling and getting burned and buried while you are totally alive!!! walla Shams, its very hot.
Visit basrah in September,before school time, it feels cool..Adnan

Anonymous said...

Good stuff,
Yea like Elliza asked, whats up with Chicago? you recently watched a movie filmed in Chicago or what?


From Texas said...

Oh girl! long time no see!
good for you,, keep up the hard work!!

Are you available on blogging for a while or there'll be another absence? ;)

Sandybelle said...

Thank you all for nice comments and caring, i spent only two days in Basrah, temp was around 62 C.

Frankly, in the past, Chicago meant nothing to me, and this may clearly explains that we really love the spirits of the places,not the places themselves, and it happens with me - except in case of Baghdad-
However, right now , people who've got my love the most live in Chicago, they are just people i cant live without. -and it's like, by time, no matter what happens and how things change, and i feel myself have changed, to worse to better, not important- their love remains in the heart and becomes greater and more charming, as if, they themselves have made up my heart,and every litre of blood is fed up with this big love..
love and mercy.. that's all.. all what i remember, all what i have..:) :) :)

Sam,my answer is the same as for Eliza.

You all my friends, be blessed..
Waiting for myself to write another post!!! LOL

Eliza said...

They must be very very lucky Shams. I wish you the best with them. and life full of love and mercy.

احمد said...

شموسه كولش قهرتيني.. ادعيلج تبقين ويه ذوله الناس وللابد وتعيشين وياهم محبه وموده ورحمه وسلام.. اتمنالج كل الخير,, لان انتي يا صديقتنا طيبه وحنونه ومتستاهلين غير ان تعيشين بسعاده وفرح.. واني متاكد.متاكد الله ضاملج ضمه كولش حلوه, بالدروس والواجبات والحياة ويه كل الناس.. وارجع واكول هذوله الناس اكيد هم خوش ناس مدامج تحبيهم والله ميخلي الناس الطيبه الا ويجمعها سوه, فلتخافين الله جبير ورحيم وميسوي غير الخير لعباده.. واني متاكد انتي مدام بنيه صالحه الله حيسويلج التريديه..

Sam said...

I live in Chicago and I might get in touch with that person that you looking for if you want to!
Or maybe Eliza can do that too if she loves somewhere around!!

Sandybelle said...

Eliza and Ahmed, thanks!!

Sam, oh really? could you help me?? i would love to!!
OK, I'll tell you later, -or I've already told you :)- everything will be clear, dont worry.
Unfortunately, Eliza doesnt live in Chicago. its ok though, since you are already out there!! Thanks a lot!!
Sorry in advance, since i may disturb you ;)