17 Aug 2008

Two lessons

Whenever I see a glass not filled completely with water, I tell myself and say " I shouldn't look at the empty part of it".
Yes, we should never look or concentrate on the empty half of it, because anyways there is water in it, and our mind should be focusing on how important is the water in this glass. In our life, we could see so many like this glass, and so, we should never look at the empty half.
Iraq, I always think of it, and order myself to work so much harder to serve it, to make it so much more beautiful, with faith nothing impossible, and as I say always, we are here to be together. always, before bed, after saying prayers, I carry my doll and remember the nice moments I spent since my mom brought it to me, how nice is my doll!!! That it's always reminds me of my Iraq, and even though I walk in its streets, but this doll is special, because it gathers all the cities memories, Iraq!! Always send me messages, and every day I discover a new secret, secret warms my little heart, and secret gives me the power that I need to continue my way , to give more ,to see what lies beyond the mountains and to catch the dates which can be found there! As high as the date-palm is!!
In Iraq, there is a people, and people used to challenge the time, used to challenge the circumstances, and used to stand against the strong winds.
Days ago, I was passing by the TV, when I caught a sight of a special interview on a channel called Al-fayha'a ( Al-fayha'a is a channel belongs to the Iraqi city, Al-Basrah, to the south of Iraq, but today its main centre is in Al-sulaymaniyya which is a city in Kurdistan, to the north). I couldn’t leave my place, and there was no near chair, so I sat on the floor so close to the TV (I know, I know, it is harmful for my eyes, but I couldn’t bear the scene), I kept listening and watching attentively , what was going on in that interview?
There was cripple, his name is Soheil , was born in 1972 in Mosul!! But nowadays, he lives in Dohuk, because of the miserable situation in Mosul.
He was sitting on his moving chair, with big smile on his face, his mom in front of him. The seemed to be exchanging looks of hope and great love towards who can be seeing them and towards Iraq. I cant deny I couldn’t hide my tears, I felt helpless and began to blame myself " why I'm not a doctor now? Why I couldn’t help him?why?" I said. But after a while, I found that this man's magnificence is in being a cripple, because he is really better than many healthy people I know. His sayings filled my heart with warmness and great faith, I found out that I have so much to do in my life and so much to seek.

He can't move his body, except his little hands, but his heart and mind is so lively and full of high meanings and amazing thoughts, he is a great leader for us, yes , we have to learn from him, his faith and insistence.
He didn’t enter school , like the other children, but his father( who is a teacher as I remember) , at house, began to teach him writing and reading, so, he can write and read! He can speak and read English too and pretty well!.
With his hands, mind and heart, he could write many articles, special ones in deed. He also could draw a great panorama (about 20 meters in width!!) ,and in time he was working on it, he didn’t do any mistake!! He said that there had been no chance to do any mistake with it. The panorama tells the story of the human-being, since the first age, passing by the civilizations and people at that time ( Sumerians , Akkadians, Assyrians and the pharaohs) , then the time of Abraham the prophet( May peace be upon him), and.. and..
It's very big panorama actually, and my body did quiver at seeing it, and I am still wondering, why I did quiver??!!! Maybe because I could see all the times ago in one moment!! And I could remember the past that I never lived in, but my ancestors did, and my ancestors made this country and taught others writing. and maybe because I could realize how great is the world!!
With his little hands and great mind and heart, he could read more than 500 books!!(I'm not sure of the number). And you should see, how cultured and open-minded he is!!
Soheil, is one of the stars that stud Iraq sky, and his main aim is to do a great survey about Iraq and Iraqi people. Soheil, didn’t lose hope or faith, didn’t think of suicide (like how some HEALTHY people think whenever they face a problem), didn’t give up, because Soheil knows that he is here, and shouldn’t leave this world (like all of us, when we'll leave someday) without doing something reminds all of us and our next generations that he was here one day. Soheil!! That Iraqi simple man!!
I carry a great admiration towards this person. Let me make a bow .
Soheil admires the PM Mr. Noori Al-Maliki, not because he is a PM but because he always repeats the sentence of " we have to work for the ONE'S FREEDOM", because Soheil believes in the freedom that all the religions call for. Soheil and his mother ask the government to do its duty to make our way better than now, and to make Iraq more developed , we have the experience and we have the treasures, the only thing we need is that we have to use our minds in one time together, TOGETHER.
At the end of the show, his mom was asked to say some words, and the only thing she said " stop hallowing the ear, and let's hallow the human himself"Soheil believes that the greatest relationship is the one between the man and Allah. He also believes that all the religions came to serve the human, and no need for the religion if there wasn't humanity. And all the religions carry the same meanings , and we all have to live peacefully with each other, and the best way to live is living with peace and justice.

I won't talk more about him, I will leave you with his articles
English site
Arabic site
May God bless Soheil, and I'm putting my hand in his, we all here to serve our great Iraq


the iraqi flag is carried by Al-hilfi in the opening ceremony of Beijing.

A few days after that , I watched the starting ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing .How great it was!! The playground was perfect ( bird's nest), and all the bands were awesome. I liked the section of drawing the dove, it was so special.
Teams from all around the world came to participate, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Egypt, USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Panama, Switzerland, France, Morocco, Korea, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Sweden, UK and many many others take part in various sports. The wonderful thing is to see all the world united in one place!! Without differences and without fighting, a great aim is there , the noble competition, and who works the best deserves the gold finally, silver or bronze, and the other aim is to let the flags flutter in the sky.
I see I have to thank China and Beijing for being the mother of all the world for a month :D :D
Although I got pain that Iraq's team is not like the others, Iraq is poor with sports, it needs so much to be improved, but soon I remembered my doll and the future, and my faith came back to me that our way is so large and we are the ones who have to work and the ones who have to complete it.
I still remember the great clapping for the Iraqi team in the ceremony by all people there. I felt that all the world loves Iraq and Iraq is not alone at all, we have our friendships with the other countries, we admire the other cultures and their nations.

World , its such a great place ofr us to live in, with our all differnet cultures, tongues and colours can be united when we want, and we all want to be united, because we are all her for each other. We have to forget all the differences and all our races , we just have to remember that with being with ourselves and being with each other ,we can remain the ones that our ancestors should be proud of.
Our ancestors gave us, so let's make good use of what we got, let's try to live peacefully, and let's get the lessons from Soheil and the Olympic games.


pictures of children of all the world, with children we see the innocence and so we can live happily... May we save great innocence in our hearts!!..

five circles referring to our simple world, no, it's large world, but we all live in it and make it just like one village, and we are the families, and we all work for making it better.. IT'S OUR WORLD!!

May God bless our World...


C.H. said...

Wow Sandybelle, that is an amazing story!! There are some people in this world, who, as you said, are healthy, and still live lives that they are not satisfied with, and they are not willing to try to make a difference in the world...unlike the man you told us about, he is indeed a great patriot to his country and someone who can see Iraq for what it really is...a breathtaking country, with a magnificent culture, and a country in the final stages of defeating a brutal enemy. Don't you worry, YOU WILL be a doctor one day, if that is what your heart desires, and you will be able to help all of the Soheils of this world, which might help them unleash the potential they have to make the world a better place. You are also a great patriot, who is very devoted to her country, Sandy :)

I'm like you, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the world united in one place, trying to put aside our meaningless differences. I think its unfortunate that wars and violence break out on the day of the Olympics, but the fact remains that many around the world are focused on the games and the fact that most of its citizens are willing to stand together.

Be safe Sandy, and please continue the great work you are doing. Someday, people might be writing posts about you when you become a famous doctor who the Iraqi people love and trust :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post.
I wolud love to meet Soheil, i never thought there would be such man from Iraq. Oh ,Soheil!! i think this name will never be forgotten.

Olympic games? im watching it everyday. i love it. did you see the runners from jamaica? they were amazing. what about phelps?
i watched him saying " i believe there's nothing impossible"
all iraqis have to believe so.

Violet said...

hello sandybelle i would like to comment to the iraqi paticipation in the olypics.i wish that our country will gain a golden medal as the tunisian one did.
god bless us all

Anonymous said...

i wonder whether Al-maliki knows about Soheil, who cares?
Sandy? you girl!! are you sure you are only sixteen??!!! i have doubt.
your thoughts , mind and emotions are so great. we need leaders like you, if we had only ten politicians like you, we would be happy so.Ali :))
btw, i dont watch tv so much, i dislike the olympic games, but not after i read this post, now, im going to watch it :))