4 Jul 2008

Day by day

A few days ago, I was stuck in the road back home for a bout two hours. The weather was hot and unbearable, I though there had been salt in the air!!! It was horrible, as soon as I came back home I had a bath, I didn’t want to leave the bathroom, I was afraid of that!! ( make fun of me :) really, we didn’t have electricity at that time, actually, the power is very miserable , and we in the night suffer of the hot weather, but we at home have our own generator ( most of the Iraqi families have three lines of electricity, national line, quarter generator line ( which is a generator, rather big, many families take share in paying money for the man who is in charge of switching it on and off , and the one ampere cost is 10 thousands ID= 8. 30 $, and the home generator line, and in Mosul, there was a decision announced by the governorate that all the generators switch on the generators at 1:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m., with one hour for rest after each three hours of working ) .
Then I spent the day studying. Actually, studying is not that simple, not like how I thought, but no matter, it is the last year suffering and I have to DO ALL MY BEST at least to please my parents and to make them feel proud of me, my parents do their best to allow us free and pure living, to not need anyone else, and it is my duty and part of the charity that they give us without feeling of is to work hard to create the true smile on their faces.
For the record, I started all my lessons lectures, and my mom made me have private lessons with the teacher in all the subjects except religion.
I changed my physics teacher, not because she is not good, no, she is good and she likes me, but the girls who are with me are horrible dears, very selfish, I don’t know what could happen with them, just four months ago everything was ok!! but maybe it is the life, who gives lessons and calls people to keep in touch and help each other, hasn't given them the lesson yet. I'm not here to blame them, I know they will be sorry, and I don’t care about that, I have already forgiven them for every bad thing they did for me, because any case I cant forget any good moment we spent together, maybe they can, but NOT ME and I can never be changed. And I will stand by their side whenever they need me. My greatest friends taught me that, and I promised my friends and my family to be who I am always.
Anyway, when I told the other teacher physics, he was very happy that I will join his group. I attended the first lesson with him, he has very weird and lovely way to teach, very good teacher, and he kept making fun in the spare time.
Actually, I am very happy with my teachers, the all love me and understand me, and I love them too, especially the one of English language( I talk to him by English, so that my English will improve more and more) and do you know what he says? " I see you as a child , like you are still 7 years old, you are very innocent and the life doesn’t need such innocence , but you are great and wise, ok ok ,I'm saying nonsense, but you are nice " he says that, and to be honest, I didn’t understand what he meant perfectly well, haha.
And the teacher of chemistry is very very funny man, I am very comfortable with him ,actually he is the one who always helps me at school , and Arabic language teacher is very good man, he admires me very much especially when he knew that I write poems, he is very good man actually.
And I'm going to join a group of a good math teacher.
Ok, this is the first time I get lessons with men teachers, I feel of their fatherly spirit, they are very kind and lovely. May God bless our teachers, because they will stay stars in Iraq sky.
Mom was in Baghdad , as well as my sisters, I stayed at home with my dad. I was his mom !!!! haha, I did all what he needed, cooking, arranging home, and joking ;)
Mom came back and bought very nice clothes for me , (she is really generous mammy haha), she went to many places .Karrada, Alzawra'a park, philisteen street , al kadhmyya, and many others.
But mom said that electricity and water service their is very bad. and one day, my uncle was walking in the street when an American tank passed by him, and suddenly stopped, three soldiers were completely armed got out of the tank, and kept asking my uncle about what is missed in the quarter of services. actually my uncle was amazed, it is rarely to see soldiers care about services, and they are not any soldiers , they are the American , who are well-known as violent that no one should be near to them, but my uncle kept explaining the matter for them, and they paid attention!!!.. anyway, I myself hope everything will be ok within a short time.
Mom and all her brothers and sisters headed to another city,but my sisters didn't like to go, so they stayed in Baghdad with the other children at my aunt's house with her daughters and sons( two beautiful young ladies and three young men) and the all had a great time there, I wasn’t able to go because of my study and caring of my dad!!!haha.
The way Baghdad- Mosul was good, they spent only 6 hours, and their were no criminals groups, and there were many cars actually with many families.

My dad's friend , who is from Basra , said good-bye for his nephews (A and B) for ever. They are soldiers and they were taking their way to Mosul , which was decided to be their battlefield agains the terrorists, but they were murdered on the way, just because they wanted to come and to help people here to live peacefully, and to say Farewell!! For the misery of living under violence.
The both left two poor families behind them, A had two little girls and B had a baby boy. What was their crime??? What was the benefit behind their killing?
No one knows…

Today, I'm taking my way to Duhok, to see very very special two young men, I miss them highly and I expect ( actually I'm sure) to have a great time with them. We will celebrate their graduation party, " the days pass very quickly, now , they are two men and they have the life to face depending on themselves " daddy says.

OK dears, I'm going to have breakfast now, haha. And I wish this updating was good.
I'll tell you about the trip next time.
So, till next time be safe



Iraqi Mojo said...

Oh My God Sandybelle, I'm so sorry about your dad's friend's nephews!

Amal said...

Dear Sister,

Long time, since I checked my blogs. Had a few personal problems.
Sorry for not posting. .. I read your blogs today...
It's amazes me that a country with so much of energy in the form of oil is short of power. :(
Hmm, seems US is taking all of your oil.
God will help Iraqis to get through these tough times.

Between, I had a trip with my mother recently... Check it @ http://picasaweb.google.co.in/amalji/Munnar_June01_2008

Don Cox said...

"It's amazes me that a country with so much of energy in the form of oil is short of power. :("_____ Iraq needs about six new power stations to satisfy demand. It will take several years to build these. There are also many repairs needed to the existing power stations and grid - the security problems made it hard to do repairs. A further problem is that there seems to be some kind of feud between the oil ministry and the electricity ministry._____ That was a very nice and interesting post, Sandybelle. But what happened after the American tank stopped? You didn't finish the story.

C.H. said...


I have recently read that the electricity situation is improving in Iraq--I certainly hope that is true. Iraqis have been dealing with limited electricity for far to long, and this should be a priority as Iraq rebuilds itself.

Dahuk seems like such an amazing and beautiful city. I hope I can make it there some day :):)

Sandybelle said...

Halaw!! Nawart il blog yaba!! shlonek ammu? inshallah Zen. Shukren for visiting me :) :)

Oh dear brother, where were you? :) i was very worried about you, but I'm quite happy that you are safe, as well as your mom. haha, keep up dear brother and I'll surely see the link but give me some time, please.
Thanks again , i really missed you.

Don Cox,
Oops!! haha, make fun of me!!
ok dear, I completed the story, you may check the post again. im sorry, it was an error. haha thanks for your kind visit.

Sure you will be in Duhok someday, do you remember? once you told me that there is nothing impossible, and i say this back to you this time. haha. thank you

You all dears, thanks very much