19 Jun 2008

My daddy loves me so.. I love him so

They call me with my name, which is related with his, and they say that it is a special one , and it refers to my inside, and actually he named me with my name after taking her opinion about it, so, the question is, Could he reach my inside since I was 1 moment old!!!

He could , yes. And this is why he can understand me, and see how I see things and support me to be who I am .

He calls me , and when he calls me, I feel of my wings, how great they are , as they try to take me to the other world. Where I am creating my dreams and put them in a great house. House of wonders . my wings keep taking me all around , and I feel so great to see my house trees , they are growing very rapidly, as my house is being rebuilt day after day.

When I sleep, I go to that house, and suddenly see him , standing beside my bed, with surprise, I say " Oh dad!! Why are you standing gazing at me!! Haha, good morning!!"

Then he would reply " I'm here to awake you, as usual, haha"

" but I was in my dreams world!! I love to go there always .dad!! my world, I have talked to you about, where I can see all the children happy. White and negroes , and people from different places, all together, sitting, doing, talking, around my house!! There , where no explosions, no misery and no sadness. The all are equal ,without differences, where I can see the moon listening to happy stories, overhearing the kids as they laugh ,feeling happy about the prince who married the princess and ruled a great kingdom full of unity and love, together, one hand. For united world for peace!! Haha, as my friend likes to name it" .I answer
" but I am here to awake you, to make you talk more and more about it, here to help you to live in that world, not only when you are asleep, but also when you are awake!!" he would reply.

" Oh, you are right!! I have a lot to do this day, day after day, I feel that what is waiting for me is so much better and greater than what I missed. I have a lot to do, and let me do , today again!" I would say, and then I would jump and hug him, he would kiss me and arrange my bed ( actually, for a while, I myself began to arrange my bed. Hahaha).

Then the day would start with hope and looking forward the best.

" what is important of what you see, is what you look forward to", whenever I hear this sentence from him, I feel I am new again, like the dove when makes a new nest .
He is like that, always. Although I love to fight him many times, guess how? I fight him by jokes!! Haha, every time , he wins, haha. I can never make others laugh like how he does, hahaha. But when I feel sad (as you know , I am the loser ,haha), he says ' haha, you can never win!!! Do you fight me? Me? With my experience with jokes? Haha" I would gaze at him . but he adds
" Ok, let me tell you something, you make others feel happy inside, with smile or without .hahaha , I love you to be who you are. Always. May you promise me to be who you are!! Even though you lose with jokes"
And when I talk to him about subjects I disagree with him about, he says " ok, I am here , listening , let you say, haha", he listens
And when I find myself alone or sad deeply, I directly go to him, stand in front of him, and begin to look at him with wondering looks, he soon reads my eyes and says " ok, what's there? Dear!! "I soon feel shy, and embarrassed, how can I feel sad while I have such daddy!! Mammy and sisters and brothers!! And when I could find the friends, he said " ok, maybe you won't need me anymore, will you?"
" What????????!!!!!! No, I will never find daddy except you, baba!! I love you, and no one can replace you!! " , then he would laugh.
Daddy taught me how to be good , free and kind with the paupers and poor people. And orphans . daddy lost his father when he was 13 years old, and I always feel sad about him, and sad about all the orphans . guess what he says " dear, let me take a promise. As you feel sad about me, although I myself am father right now! That you will treat all the orphans greatly and kindly, and as usual, to be whom you are. "
Daddy is very successful man with his work . he loves his work. And daddy supports me to be whom I like to be, so I will do great job with it, because I love what I work.
Daddy is handsome, and very tender-hearted , very very . daddy loves all the people. And even the evil ones!! He says " evil ones are like good ones, and whenever they find the space for them to build the bridge of peace and kindness inside them, they will turn great ones. And the good ones do never hate, do never!! Because we are here to share and live!"
Daddy, you are right!!and I love you. But do you know what? Daddy always says " you are better than me, and your spirit is more beautiful than mine! You carry your mom's very great features!" and this is painful for me, because I can never be better than him, everyone is special , and the world is so much more beautiful that we are all here…
I love you dad!!

I, two days ago, went to the school , for the private lessons, and met the wonderful teachers, the one of French language is very cute one, he took me to the schoolmaster to prepare for the groups, and I talked to him about French and France ( he has gone there), I felt I knew him than before, we kept talking like we know each other for a long time!! even though it is the first meeting. J
Wish me luck, please!!
Situation is the same one week ago , but we are still careful , it is not fit yet. But all our hopes is that it will improve ,and turn better and better. but unfortunately, my mom's friend lost her husband ( who is a professor at the college) in a terrorist attack. Criminals surrounded his car and shot his two sons, and they are both at the hospital , and one of them is in very dangerous case.
I was sooooo sad for them, she is very good mam, and she doesn’t deserve what she faced. And for the long years, she gave a lot, and lost a lot, many sacrifices to bring up her children well and to make them achieve their dreams. And her husband was a great peaceful man. May his soul rest in peace!!

I was ill for a while (hypoglycemia and anemia ), and couldn’t study , but today
I did my missed lessons. And did an exam at home!! The teacher gave me an envelope which the questions piece of paper was inside in and I did well!! It is the first exam I do at home !! my sisters kept making funs, hahaha.
I dont know, I am always ill!!!! LoL, i should take care of myself and eat well. :) :)

Take care of yourselves and stay safe,


Anand said...

You are very lucky to have Abu SandyBelle. Please send Ammu Abu SandyBelle by best wishes, respect, and love.

"Daddy is handsome, and very tender-hearted , very very . daddy loves all the people. And even the evil ones!! He says " evil ones are like good ones, and whenever they find the space for them to build the bridge of peace and kindness inside them, they will turn great ones. And the good ones do never hate, do never!! Because we are here to share and live!""

Abu SB is right. We must always remember his wisdom and demonstrate this awareness in thought, word and deed.

I wish I could meet Abu Iraqi Plume, and learn from him the way you get to.

Maybe I do get his company to some degree through your blog. The daughter is in large part her father. Your Dad lives through you. Your goodness, love, compassion and greatness are his goodness, love, compassion and greatness.

Being you, rising to heights never imagined before, honors him. Be as the prophets Mohammed, Khadija, Aaliya, and Fatimah (they too live through you,) Achieving accomplishments that your Dad has chosen not to achieve for himself . . . but facilitated you achieving; is your way of loving him (and demonstrate to the world how great your Dad really is.)


C.H. said...

What a nice relationship you have with your dad, Sandybelle :) :) :) Having family and friends who care about you is the most important thing there is, right? Your Dad seems like a wonderful and caring person.

Good job with your studies...one of my final exams was a take-home test, haha, so I see what you mean! It took me a while, probably three hours, but it was a journalism final...so I did enjoy it :)

I am so happy things are improving in Mosul, and I am always praying for things to get better.

Michomeme said...

Hello Sandy belle how are you?
what a great post for a great father, you really seem to have a nice relation with your father
may God protect him.

take care Sandy

Steve said...

wonderful sandybelle and wonderful papa.. be great and happy together.

Anonymous said...

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