4 Apr 2013

As well As

Life in college is getting more difficult day after day, and i feel so frustrated.
i would never expect myself to feel this loneliness, to wander among its paths with great fear inside me, fear and cold.
At the end of the day, while everyone sets to have a conversation, to laugh, and tell things, or to go to the cafeteria and make fun with one another, all i do is to run run run and run with my mind, so wanting to jump and jump and get out...!
I get fixed to the college main gate waiting for my driver.

I'm so sick of the lies they tell me every minute, and of the plots they do. when they see me sad, they start making jokes and whisper into one another ear, thinking they are beating me.
And when they see me happy, they start talking about frustrating entities just because they want to ruin my happiness.

In my college, there are people who hate to see me scoring high marks, and when i do in a subject, they start to cajole me asking for some advice or "secret ways" - as they call it- in study!!!
And when i get a low mark in a subject or another, the glitter in their eyes tells me whats going on into their minds.

I hate to walk alone in the college, there's an employer who keeps sitting on the paths edges watching girls and talking to them pretending to be innocent. trust me. i don't know why i hate him so much, i hated him  from the start, and when i told some girls they started blaming me saying i hated him because he was crippled..!
I hate him and he keeps watching girls for all the wickedness he hides.
i cant walk the path he's present. he talks to me hundreds time and i dont reply, then, he would say bad things because i dont reply!!!
i dont know what to do, i feel so helpless.
There's a TV series im watching these days, the Korean " The palace jewel", my mom says that the "jogoma" heroine is almost completely like me, and my style, so i am really looking forward to know what will happen in the end, since i may be inspired for sake of  the continuity and the love...

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Caesar of Pentra said...

7eeeeel... Your blog still alive?!
هههههه كبرنا و صرنا بالكلية عيني عيني
Sorry for being out of sight.
تدرين مشاكل الحياة و الجهال و الحصة التموينية و الركض وره العيشة. جذب طبعاً و لا متزوج و لا تموينية و لا شي.
It's great to see you still blogging unlike most Iraqi bloggers (including me). I read your last posting and I'll continue reading the rest later after I get home.
Don't make those jerks let you feel down or frustrated. I've been there and met such pricks but I taught myself not to give a single fudge about them. Although, I didn't experience the feel of having high scores. LOL
I guess it is the final exams time of the year. I can do nothing but to wish you the best of luck. I'll be checking your updates more often. Take care and stay safe, Sandy.