26 Oct 2012

What if

what I think is great, but it's not as great as something else.


Ali said...

Sandybelle, don't worry, every day we discover new great things, and life gets much much greater than the day before, whever you find out sth greater, run into it, immediately, we were born to deal with great things. sometimes we look for the great things ourselves, sometimes, they really find us.

Johny said...

Sandybelle, Happy Eid lovely belle

sometimes it happens, it's a part of growth, you are growing up , surely, you find out new greater things, and do new greater things, after you must have thought of new greater things.
Its a natural process.
I'm glad your dealing with great issues, glad also because you're growing up. You big big shining sun. :D

Johny said...

btw,you forgot the question mark :P :P LOL

Kawasaki said...

Miss Sandybelle
No difference is there at all, since you understand that another thing could be greater, so your imagination and realization can cover both of them, and all are leading into the great greatness you own inside of you. Stay great.